Brook-Falls Spay/ Neuter Mission Trip

Brook-Falls Spay/ Neuter Mission Trip


 The doctors at Brook-Falls are traveling to Providenciales’ island in the Turks and Caicos to provide volunteer veterinary services to the island from March 2nd through March 16th. “Provo,” as the locals call the island, is located between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic and is approximately 100 square miles in size.

Dr. Bloss volunteers at a veterinary hospital there two weeks a year providing veterinary care to client-owned animals and animals brought to the TCSPCA (Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Potcake Place Dog Rescue. Drs. Kase and Barajas will be coming along this year to provide five days of spay/neuter clinics for the TSCSPA.

There are many stray dogs and cats on the island, especially with Covid closing the veterinary clinic and TCSPCA for several months at the beginning of the epidemic. However, the dogs and cats on the island have been very busy and there is a great need for our services!

Both the TCSPCA and Potcake Place are wonderful nonprofit volunteer organizations that help the island’s pet population. Potcake Place flies over 500 puppies each year to homes in the United States and worldwide. Travelers to the island take the puppies on the airplane on their way home.  

Dr. Bloss took two puppies to Chicago after her last veterinary tour in September. It was a very tearful meeting for the pups and their new owners at O’Hare airport! Potcakes are the island’s breed of dog- really a mixture of many breeds. Most look like a cross between a lab and shepherd and are so very cute! They come in many sizes and colors and are really sweet dogs.

of Providenciales Island Puppies

Cute puppies Dr. Bloss brought back to the U.S. to their new homes in Chicago.

PotCake Place Canine Rescue


The TCSPCA and Potcake Accepting Donations


 We have such amazing clients at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital. If you would like to make a monetary donation to the TCSPCA or Potcake Place, we would be happy to bring them with us. Please mail or drop off your cash or checks to the hospital before March 1st. Checks should be made out directly to either TCSPCA or Potcake Place Dog Rescue.

If you are looking to adopt a new puppy and would like to share your home with a potcake, contact Potcake Place online to fill out the needed paperwork. Who knows- we might just be bringing your new puppy home with us March 16th!

Check out their websites below, and enjoy the pictures from Dr. Bloss’s last tour to the island in September!

In addition to sending your donations to Brook-Falls, donations can be made online directly to the organizations below.

PotCake Place Canine Rescue
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