A note to our current and future clients regarding COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Clients,

During these unprecedented times dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we want you to know that If your pet is sick or scheduled for routine care, we are open and fully operational.

We recommend you follow these simple steps to safeguard your health and the health of our employees so we can continue to serve our community:

-All veterinary services will be performed curbside. No clients are allowed in the hospital or the resort.

For hospital patients:

-When you arrive in the parking lot, call us. The receptionist will transfer your call to a technician who will take a history.

-The technician will come out to your car and take your pet into the hospital where the doctor will perform an exam.

-The doctor will call you and discuss your pet’s examination, then transfer your call to the receptionist, who will check you out via credit card over the phone. (preferred, although we will still accept cash and checks if needed)

– Your receipt, medications, and your pet will be brought back to your car.

If you do not have a cell phone, please come to the door and knock on the window. We will follow you out to your car to gather a history.

For the resort:
– we are offering valet service for all lodging and doggie daycare. Pull up under the portico and call us. (Doggie Day Care participants will receive a card to place in the window of their car, so we know who you are)

For Medication and Food refills:
-If you need to pick up food or medications for your pet, please call or go to our online store on our website, and we can arrange shipping of any food or prescriptions directly to your home from our online store.

-Alternatively, you can pay over the phone when ordering medications and food from our hospital, and we will give you a curbside delivery service. We can also arrange for after-hours medication pickup.

Our goal at Brook-Falls is to remain open to service your pet’s needs while keeping our employees healthy. We wish you all a healthy spring and a quick recovery to the pandemic and the national economy.

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