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  • Only a true pet parent can understand the unconditional love of an animal. That unspoken support. That unwavering loyalty. That companionship that transcends words and touches your very heart and soul.

    At Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, we understand these special relationships better than anyone. Why? Because we are animal lovers through and through. Beyond all of the degrees we’ve earned and the many years of experience we’ve amassed, we are pet owners just like you, devoted to providing the best life possible to the animals we love.  We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our Menomonee Falls facility soon!


    Is an Iguana Right for You?

    Are you considering getting an iguana for your Brookfield home? Iguanas can be fascinating and fun pets, but are unfortunately one of the most frequently abandoned. Basic Iguana Facts Iguanas … Read More »


    Guinea Pig Primer HAWS Waukesha Sunday 10/26 from 12pm – 4pm


    Dr. Mueller’s condensed version on Feather Picking during the Avain Extravaganza at HAWS 9/14/14

    Feather Destructive Behavior (FDB), ie Feather picking Dr. Nicole Mueller A SYMPTOM, not a disease— similar to coughing or diarrhea Very common and often very frustrating for both owner and … Read More »