Pet Wellness Exam

Human versus animal medical care – it’s not so different.

We know for ourselves; nutritious diets and routine exercise are two hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle.

We know too that combing the two can lower the risks for various diseases and contribute to a higher quality life; this is also true for our pets. However, food and physical activity are not the only things people and pets should do to improve their chances of living long, healthy lives.

Preventative Care Starts With an Annual Wellness Exam

Preventative care is also key.  One of the most effective principles of preventative care is to schedule an annual wellness exam, or checkup, for both ourselves and our pets. Both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) agree that routine human and pet wellness exams and screening tests can find problems before human patients know they are ailing or pet owners suspect something is wrong with their pet.

During an annual wellness exam and annual test screening, physicians and veterinarians may notice and identify some red flags that people and pet owners may not recognize. These warning signs could indicate a significant disease process is lurking and waiting to be identified. Without annual human and pet wellness exams and test screenings, these red flags may go undetected until there is significant disease or illness. As such, annual checkups are crucial to maintaining our own health, as well as that of our pets.

Wellness Exams are a Great Time to Receive Boosters and Immunizations

Annual wellness exams also serve as a great time for people to be screened for certain diseases and cancers and for our pets to be screened for various parasitic and metabolic conditions and receive boosters for needed immunizations and preventative medications. These screenings serve to find problems before a person or pet develops any symptoms of illness.  When cancer or certain metabolic diseases are caught in early stages, they are more treatable and this greatly improves the prognosis for all.

Don’t forget about mental health, another reason to schedule this annual check-up is that it makes a perfect opportunity for human patients to discuss any emotional issues and pet owners should freely discuss any behavior issues their pets may be experiencing.  Some of these behavior issues may have underlying medical causes that should be identified and addressed.  For big emotional issues, there is help out there. Just as a physician can help ease our stress with medication and guide us to appropriate counseling or psychiatric help, so too can veterinarians use medications to lessen pet anxiety and they can refer owners to appropriate trainers or behavior specialists as needed for pets.

Annual Wellness Checkups are Vital to a Healthy Life

Annual human and pet wellness exams are a vital component to a healthy life, just as diet, nutrition, and routine exercise are to a healthy lifestyle. By scheduling annual wellness checkups for ourselves and our pets, we can monitor the closely overall health and potentially uncover issues before they escalate into major health risks or events in ourselves and our pets.

Let’s stay well together!

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