Pet Resort

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital offers exotic pet resort stays for birds, small mammals and reptiles so that you can leave your pet in total comfort at our full service facility. We always pay special attention to assure your pet is safe and comfortable. We cater to special needs pets, too!

Our hospital offers an exotic pet resort you can trust! It is sometimes difficult to find a facility that will tend to the need of your exotic pet and give them the attention they deserve.  Staying at our facility is ideal and can offer a peaceful haven for your exotic friend while away from home; especially if your exotic pet has any medical condition(s) that requires medication or close monitoring. There will be veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians to monitor your pet closely and manage any problems that may arise.

Our exotic facilities are fully sanitized between boarders and a rigorous cleaning schedule is followed daily.  We maintain proper climate-control (temperature and humidity) settings so your exotic pet is comfortable both day and night. We recommend that you bring your pet’s cage (if possible), food, bedding and any special equipment or toys to make the resort experience as stress-free as possible.

There may be an opportunity for your exotic to have additional amenities. Please ask our staff about these extras and associated costs. So that we can best accommodate your exotic pet, please make reservations in advance, especially during holiday seasons.

Our top priority is to make your pet’s vacation a special occasion. Our resort facility provides a comfortable and relaxing home away from home for your pet when you need to be away on business, vacation or an emergency.

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Small Mammal, Bird and Reptile Accommodation Amenities — Whether you  bring your own enclosure/cage, or choose from a regular room or a spacious suite with ample play area all include:

  • All enclosures are Sanitized/Refreshed twice daily – A Clean and Comfy Atmosphere

  • Attentive Staff interact with your pet  throughout the day — Extra pets, rubs and lots of love

  • Small Mammal, Bird and Reptile  Friendly Environment – No Dogs  Allowed- No barking!

  • Pet safe toys provided for your pet’s comfort and amusement – Species  dependent

  • Individualized Care, Medication Administration and Feeding plans

  • Fresh Vegetables/Greens  and  Fruits Prepared daily – Species dependent

  • (Pets eating fresh veggie’s – owner should bring first 5 days and then we will supply  fresh vegies after that

  • 10 min twice daily of individual play time

  • Daily body weight s and Veterinary Observation

  • Veterinary Medical Services – if needed

  • All the Comforts of Home!

For new clients, exams and laboratory testing must be done prior to boarding. For current clients any needed veterinary care can be done at the time of admission.

A Suite is 4 x 5 ft in size and contains elevated platforms for exercise, hiding, and enrichment-lots of room for your rabbit to run around!

Add-on/À la carte Amenites:

One-on One Time: $ 8.20/15 min
Nail trims: $ 29.50
Wing Trim: $ 23.30
Wing/Nail Trim: $ 41.50
Beak Trim: $ 32.00  to  56.00  for  extended

Food  –

Please provide all of your pet’s normal diet.  Live insects must be brought in a container with gut loading food. Bring 5 days of fresh vegies or fruits- we will purchase additional fresh vegies or fruits after 5 days.

We provide water and food bowls unless your pet requires a specific type of dish.

Tanks, Cages, Enclosures –

Your own cage or enclosure and all necessary lighting or heat sources need to be brought and set up at our facility to ensure a relaxing stay in our resort.

Medications –

We are happy to administer medications to your pet while you area away. All medications that your pet will need during his/her stay with us need to be brought with you in the original containers. Be sure to include specific instructions regarding the medication schedule(s). It is a good idea to include a few days of extra medication(s) in the event your return is delayed. If your pet needs food to entice them to take their medication, please provide that to us. You will be provided with a chart showing the schedule of medication administration.

(1-2 times daily) $4.20/day/medication

(3+ times daily) $7.10/day/medication

SQ Fluid administration: $20.80/treatment

Boarding Requirements—

All Bird boarders must be current on the following:

  • Annual Physical Exam by a Brook-Falls Veterinarian prior to boarding

  • Lab Testing to include — Complete Blood Count (CBC), Diagnostic Chemistry panel for birds  >  35g

  • Fecal parasite check done annually.

  • Additionally, all Old World Species** birds less than 2 years old  must be tested and free of Psitticine Beak and Feather Disease

  • Old World Species are from Asia, Africa and Australia – Common species in this group include – Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Eclectus Parrots, Ringeck parakeets, Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Grey parrots, Red-belly parrots, Senegals,  Meyer’s parrots and Cape parrots.

  • All Small Mammal boarders and Reptiles must be current on the following:

  • Annual  Physical Examination by a Brook-Falls Veterinarian prior to  boarding and Fecal Exam

  • All ferret boarders must be current on Rabies and Distemper Complex vaccines and Fecal Exam


Reptiles and Bird charges are based on size:


  • REPTILE $16.30 SM ROOM $19.60 MED ROOM $21.70 LG ROOM $27.10 XL ROOM $37.90 SUITE
  • AVIAN SM N/A $27.10 MED, LG, AND XL $ SUITE $37.90

50% off second  or more pets  from same household and housed in same enclosure.

Reservations – 

Reservations are required as our space is limited.  So that we can best accommodate your pet, please make reservations in advance, especially during holiday seasons. Call us as early as you can. There may be an opportunity for your pet to have additional amenities. Please ask our staff about these extras and associated costs

Cancellation policy: We will refund a deposit if cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to anticipated check-in time.

Rates &Policies —

Our daily rates are based on a calendar day.  Check-in and check-out can be done any time during the business day 8AM to 4:45 PM Mon-Fri and 8AM to 11:45 on Sat.

We require a $100 deposit  to hold your pet’s reservation
Payment is required in full at the time of check-in.

*New clients must fill out an authorization form for each new pet.