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Menomonee Falls, WI May 2, 2019 – Recently, Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc. became a major veterinary teaching hospital and a welcoming host to South Korean veterinarian, Dr. Choi, and his technician Sunmin who traveled across the globe to learn about avian medicine.

Unfortunately, there are no avian veterinarians in South Korea.  Avian pet owners are forced to take a ferry to Japan to find care for their birds. Because of this, Dr. Choi’s goal is to learn more about avian medicine to expand his practice.

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Veterinary Avian Expert Dr. Jennifer Bloss Mentors Korean Veterinarian

Veterinary Avian Experts Dr. Bloss and Dr. ChoiFor two weeks, Dr. Choi and Sunmin observed and performed avian physical examinations, gave anesthesia, completed radiographs, blood draws, and learned to do beak trims, wing trims, and nail trims. In addition, while in Wisconsin, Dr. Choi and Sunmin stayed with Dr. Jennifer Bloss, and her family to receive around the clock coaching and mentoring.

Bird veterinary experts dr. bloss and dr. choi

A highlight of Dr. Choi’s visit was the Korean food buffet he and Sunmin cooked for the hospital employees on their last day.

 Dr. Choi and Sunmin left Brook-Falls with abundant knowledge of birds and have already began to receive parrot clients in Seoul.

Brook-Falls gained a partner in the avian field and a lifelong friendship with fellow avian lovers across the globe.

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital would like to thank clients who volunteered their birds for Dr. Choi and Sunmin to handle and examine. This teaching opportunity would not have been possible without them.

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