On a sunny Sunday, March 4, 2018, a crowd of about 35 rat enthusiasts met at HAWs in Waukesha for the annual Rat Rally. Attendees listened to veterinarian, Dr. Denise Follett speak on the clinical signs of illnesses in rats and common rat emergencies. First Aid for those common rat emergencies encountered by rat owners and how to put together a “rat” First Aid Kit was discussed.

Additionally, 2 “rat “ First Aid Kits were raffled off to those in attendance. For those interested in a “rat” First Aid kit but could not attend the seminar below is the list of recommended items for such a kit .

Rat Rally 2018 First Aid Kit Supply List

Small Portable Carrier – No Bars with Dry Absorbent Lining ie Fleece

Bandage Material – Gauze Pads, 1” Paper Tape, Rolled Gauze

Cotton Tipped Applicators – Q tips

Hemostatic Powder /Styptic Pencil – to stop Bleeding

Bandage Scissors, Nail Trimmers – Human and small animal, Hemostat – small

Antibacterial Soap – Liquid Dial Hand Soap, Cetophil

Vaseline, Antibacterial Salve

Saline Soln (0.9 %) – Sterile Saline for Contact Lens use (Sensitive Eye Formula )

Syringes – 0.3cc, 1.0 cc and 3 cc sizes

Nutritional Support — ie Small Bag of food/treats (non-perishable – but will need to trade out ),

Nutrical gel

Contact Info for Veterinary Hospital and ER Facilities that see Exotics.

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