Rebecca Seese

​Client Service Representative

Although she had always been interested in the field of animal care, Rebecca found herself working in food service and restaurant management for most of her adult life. After some time, she realized she wasn’t truly fulfilled—she knew that she was happiest when finding time to volunteer with animals! Rebecca decided to make a change and jump into veterinary medicine head-first.

Originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, Rebecca started applying at veterinary hospitals after leaving her job as an assistant restaurant manager. She was thrilled to hear back from Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, and now serves the area’s families as a Client Service Representative. Rebecca’s favorite parts of the job are learning something new on a daily basis, getting to know all of the hospital’s clients and patients on a personal level, and never knowing exactly what the next day might bring.

At home, Rebecca and her husband, Tom, live with several pets of their own. They have a pit bull terrier mix named Millie; a young blue-nosed pit bull who goes by Izzy; an elderly but social cat named Smokey; and an entire coop’s worth of chickens. When she isn’t spending time with her family and pets, Rebecca can be found camping and hiking in the Black Hills or scuba diving on her travels throughout the Caribbean region. She’s been an advanced open-water certified diver for a year, and has already completed 45 dives throughout the Bahamas, Mexico, and the West Indies!