​Veterinary Assistant

During her childhood in Pewaukee Wisconsin, Morgan lived with her parents, a sister, and several dogs. She grew up with love for animals and nature, which flourished every summer when she and her family would go up north on vacation.

When Morgan was a sophomore at Carroll University, she had a significant change of heart. She began college as a nursing major, but after she adopted her first house rabbit, Huey, she realized that her true love was helping animals. Morgan knew that pursuing a career in the veterinary field would make her happy.

Once she changed her major to pre-vet, Morgan began interning at the Wildlife In Need Center. This experience helped her to expand her interest in working with exotic animals and gave her the opportunity to rehabilitate and release wildlife. In addition, she was introduced to Brook-Falls Animal Hospital through the Wildlife In Need Center and began to bring her own animals for treatment there as well.

Morgan enjoys working at Brook-Falls, especially when she can educate her clients about the best ways to care for their pets to give them a long and happy life. She gets a real thrill out of doing the x-rays – she says, “It’s so cool to see what’s going on inside an animal!”

Not only does she still have Huey (who always begs for anything Morgan grabs out of the refrigerator or cupboard), but she and her fiancé, Mitchell, have adopted a wife for Huey – a white bunny named Honey. Honey loves to eat, and when she’s not sleeping, she’s munching on food. She’s the perfect mate for Huey!

In her free time, Morgan enjoys hiking and watching wildlife. She also expresses herself artistically through drawing and photography.