Kennel Attendant

Monique grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin with her parents, older sister and younger brother, cats and guinea pigs. Her family trusted Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital with the care of their pets. Monique loves science and animals – and the staff she met during her visits to Brook-Falls. She is now a Kennel Attendant at Brook-Falls where Monique enjoys observing the habits of boarders in the kennels. She is fascinated by the unique personalities of the animals.

Monique continues to live with her family: her mother Patti who seems to know someone everywhere they go (even in different countries!), her father Dave who loves rock music and runs an architecture business, brother Mitch who she refers to as a “moody teen” and her sister Simone who attends Boulder University and has a green thumb.

Monique and her family have 3 cats: Heidi – the leader of the pack, Tubby – the sleepy, anxious cat, and Rueben – the cuddly kitten that sleeps with her belly in the air. They also have Lizzie, a Leopard Gecko that sits behind Monique’s neck!

Extremely musically inclined, Monique plays the piano, trumpet, French horn and violin. She also enjoys art, specifically digital drawing which allows her to draw exactly the way she likes!