Veterinary Assistant

Mackenzie lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin in a family of four, along with two birds, a cat, and a dog. If it were up to her, Mackenzie would have many more animals, but her parents said “no more.” Mackenzie has had an interest in veterinary medicine from a young age, leading her to the current position of Kennel Attendant at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

Mackenzie is currently a Junior at Brookfield East High School. While looking for an opportunity to interact with and learn about different species, Mackenzie found a mentorship program at Brook-Falls. When the mentorship was complete, she joined the team. Mackenzie hopes to attend veterinary college after graduating from high school.

In her free time, Mackenzie acts as a stage manager in her school’s drama department. She describes herself as an avid cook and an occasional dancer. Mackenzie is fascinated by hematology and finding microscopic organisms. She is soaking up knowledge on properly caring for a wide variety of animals and learning how to create a trusting bond with them.