Veterinary Assistant

Liz lived in Rockford, Illinois, with her mother, father, and older sister until moving to Wisconsin to attend college. Liz received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Animal Behavior and Environmental Science from Carrol University in Waukesha. She currently resides in Menomonee Falls, WI, and is a Veterinary Assistant at Brook-Falls Animal Hospital & Exotic Care.

Liz spent over two years working as a Wildlife Intern at Wisconsin Human Society. She credits this experience with furthering her desire to work with exotics and wildlife. She was touched each time she watched an injured or sick animal arrived in rough shape, only to be nursed back to health and cared for, and then returned to their home healthy and happy. Liz also spent time working as a Bird Trainer for the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Birds of Prey show.

The ultimate inspiration in Liz’s life, however, is her Grandma Barb, who was always in tune with nature. She taught Liz to have respect for all living things. They spent time bird watching and visiting a neighboring farm to care for their livestock. Liz has had a lot of pets over the years, mostly small mammals like rats, rabbits, and hamsters.

Liz currently has two rats, Gopher and Gremlin, who are curious troublemakers. They love scaring her twin cats, Hobbes and Haiden. Liz has known her boyfriend, Hunter, since high school, and says he’s her biggest supporter. Liz enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and wildlife. She is artistic, spends time drawing and painting. Liz is also an avid reader and has an unwavering love of raptors.