Veterinary Assistant

Katherine was raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area by her mom and dad. As an only child, she spent a lot of time outdoors with her grandparents who lived next to a park. It was there that her love of birdwatching developed. Katherine always had cats in her childhood home. She is currently a Veterinary Assistant at Brook-Falls Animal Hospital.

After spending time working in wildlife rehab and volunteering at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Katherine had a desire to work more closely with animal and pet owners. She wanted to develop her technical skills to keep pets healthy and educate the pet families. She also had a strong interest in exotic animal medicine. Her favorite part of the job at Brook-Falls is assisting in surgery on animals brought in from local wildlife centers – and then watching as they heal and are released back into their habitat.

Katherine continued the tradition of being a cat owner. She currently has Mischa, a sweet, black cat who loves everyone, Miss Kitty, an extremely talkative tabby, and the newest addition, Sofie, who must be included in everything Katherine is doing! She continues to volunteer, currently at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, and enjoys participating in citizen science projects such as wetland and bird-nest box monitoring.