A Milwaukee native, Jess began working at a veterinary clinic when she was just 16 years old. After high school, Jess went to cosmetology school, but after five years, her love for animals brought her back to the veterinary field.

When she was a little girl, Jess’s best friend was a cat named Pepper. Taking care of her beloved pet sparked Jess’s interest in animals and their health, in particular when Pepper ingested a string. As dangerous as it was, Jess and her family were able to pull the string out of Pepper however, knowing what she knows now, Jess realizes that things could have turned out very differently for her buddy.

Jess has always been interested in medicine and behavior practice and uses her knowledge and abilities with all types of animals. She is benevolent by the fact that animals are not able to tell us when they are sick or when they are scared. Because of that, Jess takes great pride in her nursing skills that help the animals feel better while keeping them calm and as comfortable as possible.

Today, Jess’s family consists of her husband Jeff, their 6-year old son Jude, and their cats – Monkey and George. Jude is a typical boy: full of energy and fun. Monkey is sensitive, chirps and talks a lot, while George can play fetch and likes to eat everything! When she’s not working, Jess enjoys spending time with her family.