Client Service Representative

Emily was born and raised in the Milwaukee area in a German family (on both sides!) Her family loves to travel the world, a trait she inherited. Emily’s ultimate goal is to visit every continent at least one time in her life. While she’s not exploring the world, Emily is a Customer Service Representative at Brook-Falls Animal Hospital.

Animals inspired Emily during her childhood. She attended church with a girl that was blind and had severe movement disabilities. Eventually, this girl got a service dog that helped her mobility and allowed her to gain independence. This experience reaffirmed Emily’s love of animals. She knew she wanted to help them any way she could – except medically, as Emily had a severe dislike of needles! Emily spent time volunteering in animal shelters before making a career out of caring for pets.

Emily enjoys the learning opportunities she experienced in this position. She loves the wide variety of animals she is exposed to at Brook-Falls. Whether it’s a different breed of dog or an entirely different species, Emily is intrigued by them. This includes her dog, Benny. He’s an 8-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu mix that Emily refers to as a “Next to Your Lap Dog.” Referring to her Maltese Shih Tzu this way is because Benny prefers his personal space and can be quite a diva.

Emily was a competitive skier in high school and still loves the sport. She is also an avid Harry Potter fan and has been since the first book was released. One of her favorite experiences was traveling to the Warner Brothers Studio in London, England, where she got to explore the Harry Potter set and play with the props!