Dana Wick

Veterinary Assistant

Growing up in Menomonee Falls, Dana constantly begged her parents for pets. Even then, she dreamed of working with animals and helping those in need. Her love for animals has no boundaries. Dana loves how animals seem to listen when you need someone to talk to; she feels that animals have a way of comforting you and making you feel loved. For Dana, her animals are her kids.

Dana was drawn to the veterinary field at a very young age as a result of her childhood cat Snickers being euthanized due to cancer. Watching her cat go through painful cancer, Dana was driven to learn more about the medical side of caring for animals – – understanding symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment.

After graduating high school, Dana was accepted into an accelerated Veterinary Assistant program at Milwaukee Career College, afterward moving on to the Veterinary Technician program. Today, Dana is here at Brook-Falls continuing her education while learning more about animal care. The two things she especially enjoys is taking a pet’s x-rays to see what’s going on inside and helping during surgery.

In her spare time, Dana loves to work on cars, attend car shows and enjoys cooking. She has two dogs and a cat. Reese is a chocolate dapple dachshund, Riley is a golden retriever and her cat Mr. Pickles who was a 5-week old stray she found and bottled fed to health.