​Veterinary Technician

Betsy grew up in Iowa and from a very young age had a love of animals.  As a child, she wanted a pet pig.  Instead of a pig, Betsy got many stuffed animal pigs.  By the time college came around, she knew she wanted to work with animals either in wildlife studies or veterinary medicine.
Betsy graduated from Iowa State University in Animal Ecology/Pre-Vet with a Bachelors of Science degree.  Unsure of which route she wanted to take, she got out in the field, and received a job working at the Milwaukee County zoo working with the predatory birds and parrots.  She gained a love of birds there as she cared for them and gave educational shows to the public.  After that, she got involved in small animal clinics and fell in love with the hands-on care of animals.  
Betsy became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2010.  She has a passion for anesthesia and dentistry, pursuing extra CE in these fields of study.  Betsy has often thought of going back to become a Veterinarian but now has another passion in her life that keeps her busy.  
Betsy is married and a mom to three young children, one being a set of twins.  She loves being part of their lives and watching them grow up.  They love the outdoors and enjoy their yearly camping trip.  They share their home with two cats that demand attention and are almost over affectionate sometimes.  They would love to add another pet (cat dog, or even an African grey parrot if she can convince her husband) to the family sometime soon.  
Betsy is continuously trying to push herself to learn more and advance herself in the field.  She plans to pursue a VTS once her children are in school full-time.