​Veterinary Technician

Andrea was constantly surrounded by pets while growing up in her family’s Beaver Dam, Wisconsin home. Her parents tell her that her first word was “puppy!” It wasn’t hard for Andrea to develop a passion for pets early on. Coupled with her adoration of medicine and biology, veterinary medicine became the natural choice!

Andrea worked in a pet boarding facility during her high school years before heading off to college, where she studied human medicine for a brief time before starting Veterinary Technician school the next year. She worked in a grooming shop during her studies, gaining even more hands-on experience, before graduating and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Now, she’s proud to help the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital team!

Here at the clinic, Andrea is especially fond of learning about anatomy, physiology, and disease processes. She’s also passionate about animal behavior. Most of all, Andrea enjoys being able to educate the area’s pet parents and ultimately make a lasting impact in the families of the community.

Andrea and her husband have a wonderful young son, Sam, and also share their lives with a Husky/Shar-Pei mix named Luna and two cats who go by Jack and Capri. When time allows between work and family life, Andrea enjoys staying active by swimming and hiking the area’s trails with Luna. She also likes running, and has even completed a few sprint-distance triathlons alongside her sister!