Veterinary Assistant

Amy grew up in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. During high school, she competed in track and swimming. While earning her Equine Business Management Degree in college, she competed in horse shows through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. When her love of horses expanded to small animals, Amy switched careers. She is now a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

While working at a boarding facility, a mare, she was caring for fell on the ice. The injury would require sutures. Amy was in charge of bandage changes and wound care. She truly enjoyed watching the healing process. That hasn’t changed – Amy still loves seeing animals go home after they’ve healed!

When Amy arrives home from work, she is greeted by her dog, Lux and three cats: Apollo, Skisim, and Mya. Amy still participates in competitive riding and showing horses, which is great news for Lux who loves going on trail rides with the horses. Amy has a passion for photography, especially animal and landscape photos. She also has a weekly ritual – shooting sporting clays!