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Luxury Lodging & Enrichment-Based Doggy Day Care

Welcome to the Sussex, WI areas’ Luxury Pet Resort!
All Canines, Felines, Birds, Reptiles & Small Mammals are welcome!

The Best Pet Boarding Sussex, WI Also Includes “Enrichment-Based Doggy Day Care!

Pet Resort Services

14 Pet Boarding Sussex, WI

Our pet resort offers the most luxurious pet boarding Sussex WI designed to meet your pet’s needs and your budget. All canines, felines, birds, reptiles and small mammals are welcome to lodge in our “Fear Free” and infection controlled facility. Regardless of your pet’s suite type, the standard of care is the same.

14 Enrichment-Based Doggy Daycare

Have you heard of Enrichment Doggy Daycare? It’s like the Montessori method of education for canines! From individual and small group activities to brain games and exercise, our doggy daycare is a specialized program offering fun activities and proper rest all while improving your pets psychological and physical well-being.

 Pet Resort Spa14

Pick up your pet fully bathed at our Brook-Falls Pet Resort Spa. From nails and ear cleaning to full baths and brush outs!


14 Dog Training

From puppy basics to adult advanced, we offer dog training in the Sussex, WI area for pet parents who want more training for their dogs. Our trainer is an Academy Certified Training Partner. Her training consists of Clicker Training using Positive Reinforcement” which is custom designed for each individual dog to address your pet’s needs.

14 On-Site Veterinarians

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our resort is managed by a Certified Veterinary Technician and that we are located in the same building as Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

14 Senior Center & Special Needs

Our pet resort was designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of each guest and includes special features and amenities which are ideal for special needs pets and Senior pets.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe with us.

Veterinary Owned and Operated, Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort is Sussex WI and Waukesha County’s premier pet resort and doggy daycare.  You can rest assured that your pet will have the best care while you’re away. From dogs and cats to birds, reptiles and small mammals, we have a luxury suite for all!

Doggy Day Care

1/2 Day & Full Day Pricing

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Dog Training


All training sessions are an 8-week program.

*Sign up for 7 sessions and get

your  8th week FREE!



 Although we may have other boarding facilities in our area, there’s no place that offers the quality lodging and enrichment doggy daycare such as Brook-Falls. I’ve never used doggy daycare before feeling my dog wouldn’t fit in to large groups and because of that I feared he would be placed in a kennel until I picked him up after work. At Brook-Falls, it’s just the opposite. They work one on one with Taylor and socialize him in very small groups. I cannot recommend them enough.

Linda Tipton

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Sussex, WI pet owners can reserve luxury suites with raised beds, doggy tv, webcams, room service, housekeeping and more!

While enjoying a small-town atmosphere, Sussex pet parents will receive big city luxury amenities as guests of Brook-Falls Pet Resort.

From birds to reptiles, If you’re an exotic or small mammal Sussex pet owner, you can rest assured we have the same standard of care for your exotic or small mammal pet. 

Whether you work in Sussex, WI or simply drive through the area on your way to work, our “Enrichment-Based” Doggy Day Care is exactly what Sussex pet parents have been looking for! Brook-Falls doggy daycare offers a safe, secure, fear-free, positive environment for their pets.

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