Holly Bennett: Pet Resort Manager

Holly Bennett: Resort Manager

Holly has served pets and their families as a Certified Veterinary Technician for 15 years and will use her experience and expertise in managing our pet resort.

Holly graduated in 2002 from MATC Madison.  She has worked with Dr. Bloss and Dr. Follett since 2004 (at New Berlin Animal Hospital) and came with them when they opened their owner clinic in 2007. In total,  Holly has worked for Brook-Falls for 15 years as a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).  She was responsible for the care and monitoring of patients in the hospital and now she’s our new resort manager. The years of experience as a CVT in the hospital make Holly uniquely qualified to lead our resort and to care for your pets while you’re away.

Megan Fassbinder
Practice Manager

Megan Fassbinder is the Practice Manager at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital. She grew up in Randolph, WI and currently lives in West Bend. During her school years, Megan enjoyed traveling and playing sports – especially volleyball and basketball. When she studied Business Management and Organizational Communication at UW – Eau Claire, she had the opportunity to live in Scotland for four months during a study abroad program.

Megan is excited to work at Brook-Falls because it’s important for her to be active in the local community. She aspired to support a small business in her area, and here she is!

She and her husband Ross get lots of pleasure from being active with their dog, Luna. They go camping together and hike throughout the state. Megan and Ross love watching their beloved Luna learn about the world.

Early in her career, Megan became interested in business management by facilitating training opportunities. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and assisting others in achieving their career potential. In the past, she worked in corporate settings but is excited to be managing a smaller, private business.

As the Practice Manager, she thrives on building relationships with the staff. She greatly enjoys training and organizational development as well. In her role, she can support her coworkers and create initiatives to streamline their work and benefit the entire business.

In her free time, Megan and her husband visit local farmer’s markets and explore restaurants and events in the West Bend community. They stay active by going camping in the summer and traveling in the winter. Megan also loves to garden and preserve fruits and vegetables in the summer. You’ll regularly find her at a cooking class or a book club in the evening. She’s always learning new skills and recently joined her church choir.


Certified Pet Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

Enrichment Coordinator

Amy Shepherd, our Certified Pet Dog Trainer and our Enrichment Coordinator. She has been a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care.

Before coming on board with Brook-Falls, Amy was living in South Carolina, where she worked for a veterinary hospital and pet resort. While there, Amy taught basic obedience classes at the resort when she wasn’t working in the hospital.

Amy has always been interested in training all types of animals and has experience with dogs, cats, and horses. She has a BA in Equine Business from Midway University in Kentucky and has recently been certified in a canine training.

Amy lives in the Menomonee Falls area with her dog Lux and three cats.
In her free time, she likes to dabble in photography and spend as much time outdoors as possible.


Business Manager

Growing up in West Allis with her family, Jennie Gross was always around pets. She remembers loving tagging along with her parents to the vet’s office. She was even put in charge of the class turtle in 6th grade!

Jennie’s veterinary career started when she worked at a pet store. When she learned of the Veterinary Technician program at Madison Area Technical College, she knew it would be right up her alley. She graduated in May of 2001 and passed her state board exam in June of 2001. She has been caring for pets as a Veterinary Technician at Brook-Falls since it opened in 2007. In addition to her medical duties, Jennie is responsible for ordering medications and supplies for the clinic.

Client education is one of Jennie’s favorite parts of her job—she loves to spread the knowledge that she learned in school and through continuing education. She also enjoys doing lab work and radiology.

Jennie has been married to her husband Dave since August 2000. They have two daughters, Alexis and Nadia. The family lives on a 7 acre hobby farm with their two cats (Jack & Chester), 2 dogs (Rufus and “One-Eyed” Willie), a goat (Jerry) and a Guinea Pig. Jennie currently spends a good deal of her free time going on trips and playing sand volleyball with her family and friends. Their team took first place in their division this summer!

Assistant Trainer (testing to become CPDT -KA)

Ashley is a Pet Resort Attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort & Doggy Day Care.

Growing up in West Allis with her mom, dad, and brother, Ashely had many pets, including dogs, cats, lizards, guinea pigs, snakes, and birds.

Early on in life, Ashley realized that she wanted to help animals when learning about animal cruelty and experiencing it herself when she was riding a bike and came upon a group of teenagers kicking a cat. Ashley jumped off her bike and protected the cat until the teenage boys left the scene. She then begged her parents to take the cat to the veterinary clinic. That day, Ashely knew her purpose was to protect animals.

After working in customer service for many years, Ashely realized she was unhappy and moved to work with animals. Once she toured Brook-Falls pet resort, she and fell in love with the facility and has been with us ever since as a pet resort attendant.

She takes great pride in training dogs in our daycare facility and loves to see the smile on their parents face when their pet learns new tricks.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys art and cosplay. She shares her home with Akela, her mini husky, her cat Anubis, Felix her Maine Coon, and her Dachshund Lily.


Resort Attendant

Cathy, an only child, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Throughout her life, her greatest influences have been her grandparents. They immigrated to the United States from Greece with pennies in their pockets and created a successful life here for their family.

As a child, Cathy always brought stray animals home. She was inspired to continue rescuing after her cousin saved a pit bull. The dog was gentle and loving but became aggressive with men. Cathy and her cousin discovered the dog was actually reacting to the men’s hats – and had been abused in the past by someone wearing one. Watching and learning about the animal’s behavior was interesting to Cathy.

Cathy has a passion for cooking for her human and dog family. She has a puppy named Storm that she loves deeply. Cathy is currently working on training Storm on commands and leash walking. Cathy’s daughter has Storm’s sibling, Basil. Together, Basil and Storm have endless energy. Cathy also has a nine-year-old bunny, Soco, that loves her and no one else!

Resort Attendant

Born in San Diego, California, Lindsay moved to Japan with her family. Along with her parents and two older sisters, she eventually settled in Virginia, where she spent the majority of her life. Lindsay moved to Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.

Lindsay’s love for animals has grown over the last few years. Upon hearing stories about mistreated pets, she knew she had to help. After doing some research, Lindsay learned that after dogs and cats, rabbits are the most abandoned pets. She immediately adopted two rabbits – and now has four!

Lindsay’s hobbies include cleaning and organizing, spending time with her bunnies and teaching them tricks. Lindsay describes Oreo as a scaredy-cat and Bella as very curious – and aggressive when it comes to not sharing her snacks. Poppy is her loving, relaxed rabbit that loves to graze on hay. And, Stella enjoys snuggles and kisses and knows how to spin!

Resort Attendant

Jenna grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin, until moving to Menomonee Falls with her boyfriend. Jenna started her veterinary career path by dog walking, pet sitting, and working at boarding facilities. She is now an attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care.

Jenna says her inspiration to work with animals really emerged when she adopted her own dog, Colt. Colt came home to live with Jenna at eight weeks old, and she has trained him herself. Jenna loves the energy dogs bring and enjoys working with them because she is constantly learning new things from them and about them. She says they simply warm her heart.

When Jenna isn’t at work, she is either spending time with Colt, playing fetch, or walking. When she’s not entertaining her dog, she focuses on growing in her career because working with dogs is what she loves to do.


Resort Attendant

Lexie is the daughter of our long-time certified veterinary technician – now business manager Jennie Gross. To say, Lexie’s life has been filled with animals is no exaggeration. Lexie and her human family share their home, a hobby farm, with a “zoo” of animals made up of 3 dogs – the gentle giant “Rufus”, cuddly “ Willie” and youthful “Jarvis”; 2 indoor rabbits – “Ralph” and “Rosalie”; 2 guinea pigs – “ Ben” and “Hansel”; the newest additions are 2 kittens – “Stan-Lee” and “ Groot”; 3 barnyard goats – “Ron”, “Harry” and “Hermione”; and “Petunia” – an indoor pot-bellied pig, who truly doesn’t know she’s a pig.

“My mom is a vet tech; I have always been around animals.”  Lexie has developed a great love and respect for all animals.  She has learned and takes pride in her ability to care for the various animals her family has owned during her lifetime; seeing to their daily needs and by helping her mom nurse the sick and injured animals on their farm and those in their large extended family.  Lexie holds as one of her greatest achievements “the first time I was able to clip my guinea pigs’ nails on my own.”

Lexie also enjoys spending time with her family – including her younger sister, Nadia; playing volleyball and practicing on the flute.

Lexie is excited to finally being able to join our Pet Resort staff. She is looking forward to being able to learn more about what each species of pets the resort cares for on a daily basis; this includes both their physical and emotional needs.  She is happy she will be able to offer care and comfort to all the pets while their owners are away.

This is Lexie’s first job in the veterinary field and we’re sure it won’t be her last.  If she’s anything like her mom – she’ll be employed here for life.  That’s no lie! We’ll be blessed to have her, too.

Resort Attendant

Pam is on her second career. “For the last 30-years, I worked in customer service in the retail grocery business.” Following her “retirement” from her primary career, Pam knew” she was not ready for the rocking chair”. 

Pam’s daughter, Amy, is the enrichment coordinator of our Luxury Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care. Pam saw an opportunity to “get out of the house” a little and combine her vast customer service back ground and her life-long love for animals by joining the staff of the growing pet resort. 

Pam grew up in a family of animal lovers. Through her growing years, she and her family cared for a variety of animals, including multiple dogs, birds – including a duck named “Lucky”, mice and fish.  Pam was introduced to cats when her daughter, Amy, wanted to get one. Pam readily admits she was “not a fan of cats”. Her prior experience with cats; left her with the impression that cats were just not “terribly friendly”. Reluctantly she agreed to having a cat join the family; enter Jasmine. Not surprisingly, “it turned out that Jasmine and I got so attached that when it was time for my daughter to move out, I told her she had to leave her with me and get a new cat of her own.”    

Currently, Pam shares her home with her husband and daughter Amy; Amy’s Dog “Lux” and her two cats — ”Apollo” and “Mia”.  A frequent visitor to the house is “Piper”, her other daughters dog. Keeping a close eye over all the animal activity is the ever faithful, feline matriarch of the family; Jasmine.  

Outside of work and family, Pam has been involved in bowling and volleyball leagues. Currently she enjoys camping, reading, walking my “grandchild Lux”. “Oh yeah, biking.”

Resort Attendant

Kay hails from Menomonee Falls; she has lived here all her life. Animals have always been an interest for her. Her family “always had a dog or cat in the house.” She grew up enjoying reading stories about dogs and horses.

Kay trained her previous dog, “Moose”, as a certified pet therapy dog; they would go to a residential treatment center in Milwaukee for boys who had experienced some sort of trauma in their lives. This was very impactful for Kay. She distinctly remembers one visit where a boy was very upset and crying; despondent that no one was interested in being his foster family. “Moose” got up and slowly walked across the room to the boy and gave him a “big wet kiss across his face.” The boy was startled but immediately stopped crying. The boy proceeded to give “Moose” a big hug. “I was amazed at how “Moose” did this without any prompting from me”. This is such a powerful testament to animals’ ability to give unconditional love and the positive benefits of the human-animal bond.

Kay went on to a career in education; “which was her second love.” Kay started out as a middle school science teacher. She admits she packed her “science lab with every kind of animal you could imagine.” She later became an elementary school principal. She retired after 28 years, desiring to “spend time with my family and my pets.”

After “Moose”, Kay adopted a “slightly used Great Pyrenees dog with an attitude.” Working with him, she realized her dog training skills needed improving. Becoming a resort attendant has given Kay the knowledge of dog behavior and “the opportunity to learn from many different dogs with a variety of personalities.” Her favorite activities in the resort are “providing TLC time and special amenities to the lodgers.” I enjoy seeing how our guests relax after being with us,” for just a short time. “ I want their experience at the resort to be as enjoyable and stress –free as possible.”

Currently, Kay shares her home with “Samson” the Great Pyrenees “with an attitude”; “Pyewacket” a “Halloween kitty” and “Cujo” a bossy Calico cat. She also has a Red-Lored Amazon, Peepers, which she has enjoyed the company of, for the past 35 years. Kay is also a one-woman rescue for “unwanted turtles/tortoises”, bringing them into her home when their previous owners can no longer care for them. She currently has 5 Box turtles (Tarzana, Cheetah, Turbo, Leonardo and Foo –“who will come running for earthworms!”), 2 Malaysian Box turtles (Rocky and Elizabeth), 3 tortoises ( Zeus – Greek, Igor – Russian, Regis – African hinge back) and last but not least a red-eared slider named Tommy.

In her spare time, Kay is also a classic car collector. Her pride and joy is a 1963 Mercury Meteor Station Wagon that is “all original.” Kay competed at the Ford Fairlane National Show in 2014, where she received a Gold Award. This was no car “beauty contest”; it involved a thorough “grilling” by a panel of judges on auto knowledge.

Resort Attendant

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Resort Attendant

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Resort Attendant

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Resort Attendant

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