Holly Bennett: Pet Resort Manager

Holly Bennett: Resort Manager

Holly has served pets and their families as a Certified Veterinary Technician for 15 years and will use her experience and expertise in managing our pet resort.

Holly graduated in 2002 from MATC Madison.  She has worked with Dr. Bloss and Dr. Follett since 2004 (at New Berlin Animal Hospital) and came with them when they opened their owner clinic in 2007. In total,  Holly has worked for Brook-Falls for 15 years as a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).  She was responsible for the care and monitoring of patients in the hospital and now she’s our new resort manager. The years of experience as a CVT in the hospital make Holly uniquely qualified to lead our resort and to care for your pets while you’re away.

Enrichment Coordinator

Amy Shepard, our Enrichment Coordinator, has been a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care.

Before coming on board with Brook-Falls, Amy was living in South Carolina, where she worked for a veterinary hospital and pet resort. While there, Amy taught basic obedience classes at the resort when she wasn’t working in the hospital.

Amy has always been interested in training all types of animals and has experience with dogs, cats, and horses. She has a BA in Equine Business from Midway University in Kentucky and has recently become interested in a canine training certification.

Amy lives in the Menomonee Falls area with her dog Lux and three cats.
In her free time, she likes to dabble in photography and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Resort Attendant

Carrie, the youngest of four children, was born and raised in central Illinois. Her family lived in the country and lived a typical Mid-western lifestyle. They always had a dog and stray cats and kittens on their property. Carrie has always had a bond with animals and believes each encounter with them is extraordinary.

After graduating from college, Carrie and her husband relocated to Wisconsin for a job offer he received. By chance, she stumbled upon a website for a parrot rescue and was intrigued. With her interest piqued, Carrie ended up spending the next fifteen years volunteering for the organization.

Carrie’s family consists of her husband, Chris, whom she met on the internet over twenty years ago, and their son, Kyle. Their home is full of pets including Hunter, a happy-go-lucky Puggle, Splash, their seventeen-year-old domestic long-haired cat, and Midnight, the black cat that spends her time chasing her own tail. Their two birds, a verde green-cheek conure and a white ear conure complete the family – and are dating each other.

Resort Attendant

Cathy, an only child, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Throughout her life, her greatest influences have been her grandparents. They immigrated to the United States from Greece with pennies in their pockets and created a successful life here for their family.

As a child, Cathy always brought stray animals home. She was inspired to continue rescuing after her cousin saved a pit bull. The dog was gentle and loving but became aggressive with men. Cathy and her cousin discovered the dog was actually reacting to the men’s hats – and had been abused in the past by someone wearing one. Watching and learning about the animal’s behavior was interesting to Cathy.

Cathy has a passion for cooking for her human and dog family. She has a puppy named Storm that she loves deeply. Cathy is currently working on training Storm on commands and leash walking. Cathy’s daughter has Storm’s sibling, Basil. Together, Basil and Storm have endless energy. Cathy also has a nine-year-old bunny, Soco, that loves her and no one else!

Resort Attendant

Kathy grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin with her brother and three sisters. The family relocated to Wichita Falls, Texas during Kathy’s sophomore year of high school. After graduation, she moved back to the Milwaukee area. Kathy has been married for twenty-three years and has three sons and three granddaughters.

Kathy has always loved playing with cats and dogs. She was thrilled to see Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort & Doggy Day Care open, and hiring! Kathy says the unconditional love that you get from animals is the best! She spends a lot of time with Carnival, her terrier mix that trained himself to say no to let Kathy know when he’s done on his walks.

A self-described crafter, Kathy sews, paints on wood, and works with papercrafts. After urging from her friends, she began selling her creations at a local gift shop. Kathy’s husband, Bob, dabbles in crafts himself, craft beer. Their son, Mike, is married with three children. Zac, the middle son, attends UW-Whitewater and Nic, the youngest, is a freshman at UW-Madison.

Resort Attendant

Kellie was raised in Menomonee Falls with her dad and three brothers. Kellie spent time in Pennsylvania with her mom and three other siblings. Kellie began working with animals at a young age and grew up with a dog and many birds and rodents.

In addition to working at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort & Doggy Day Care, Kellie volunteers at C.A.R.E., where she is referred to as “the bird whisperer” due to how good she is with birds. Kellie’s most memorable moment is a time she was walking down the street with her mom and came upon a woman walking her two dogs. While one dog played with Kellie, the other was standoffish. Kellie sat down and the woman explained the skittish dog didn’t like people. As she told the story, the dog approached Kellie, put its paw on her, asking to be pet. This moment shaped Kellie’s plan to work with animals.

When Kellie isn’t taking care of animals, she enjoys painting them. She is an active member of the National Honor Society, an accomplishment she’s extremely proud of. One of Kellie’s favorite hobbies is photography. She would love to turn that passion into a career. Kellie is on an IEA horseback riding team. She’s spent time showing and jumping horses, playing polo, and half-leases two horses named Annie and LaPaz.

Resort Attendant

Born in San Diego, California, Lindsay moved to Japan with her family. Along with her parents and two older sisters, she eventually settled in Virginia, where she spent the majority of her life. Lindsay moved to Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.

Lindsay’s love for animals has grown over the last few years. Upon hearing stories about mistreated pets, she knew she had to help. After doing some research, Lindsay learned that after dogs and cats, rabbits are the most abandoned pets. She immediately adopted two rabbits – and now has four!

Lindsay’s hobbies include cleaning and organizing, spending time with her bunnies and teaching them tricks. Lindsay describes Oreo as a scaredy-cat and Bella as very curious – and aggressive when it comes to not sharing her snacks. Poppy is her loving, relaxed rabbit that loves to graze on hay. And, Stella enjoys snuggles and kisses and knows how to spin!

Resort Attendant/Client Service Representative

Tracy has been a resident of Brookfield, Wisconsin for over twenty years. She and her husband have recently become empty nesters. Their daughter, Holly, attends the University of Madison where she studies Veterinary Medicine. Their daughter, Savannah, studies Law at the University of North Dakota.

Tracy’s journey to Brook-Falls started when she was a child. She loved kittens and had childhood cats named Buddha, Olaf, and Turbo. After she married her husband, they continued rescuing and adopting animals. Tracy would love to rescue every animal that needs help but doesn’t think her husband would go for that idea.

Tracy’s interests include eating, reading, spending time with her family, binge-watching Netflix, and playing with her animals. Maximus, her year-and-a-half-year-old Chesapeake, loves to eat shoes, cell phones, and anything that takes attention away from him. She also has a German Shepherd/Collie rescue named Roxanne. Baby, Tracy’s long-haired hamster often has bad hair days like his mom.

Resort Attendant

Cassie grew up with her two sisters, Kiera and Elissa, and their parents, in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Cassie is significantly influenced by her family, particularly Kiera, who studies zoology at UW-Madison with Elissa. Raised in a house full of pets, she credits her sister’s bunnies with her desire to have pets of her own.

Cassie loves interacting with animals. She understands the unlimited love and support they give to their human companions. This is what drives her to safeguard the animals at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care. Cassie adopted two guinea pigs that, she says, changed her life.

Cassie is intrigued by different languages and currently studies French and Spanish. She’s looking forward to an upcoming school trip to France and Spain. She’s an avid tennis player, taking year-round lessons. Cassie has recently been selected as a co-captain with her doubles partner, along with being rated the top
doubles team!