Feline Lodging

Cat Boarding Menomonee Falls, WI: Feline Only Condominium Suites

Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort offers luxury cat lodging; you can leave your pet in total comfort at our full-service facility in feline-only condominium suites. We always pay special attention to ensuring your cat is safe and comfortable. We cater to special needs felines too!

Our cat boarding Menomonee Falls guests will enjoy quiet condo accommodations away from the activity of our canine guests.  These comfy accommodations include condos with windows to allow viewing of the great outdoors.

Our feline-only environment also contains a large freshwater aquarium for viewing/entertainment and enrichment purposes as well as ample space for roaming, climbing, and playing.

Luxury Cat Boarding is Standard With Us!

Brook-Falls’ feline boarding area includes excellent amenities such as a multilevel cat condominium complete with a­­ 266-gallon freshwater aquarium for your cats viewing entertainment and outside windows with a view of birdfeeders.  Twice daily, all cat guests have the opportunity to stretch, stroll and socialize with a staff member.  The feline condos have their own dedicated air supply – no dog odors! that helps protect against airborne illnesses.  All condos are multilevel, offer a hiding area to decrease anxiety and provide a separate elimination area. We also utilize Feliway diffusers! You can review our cat lodging prices below as well as the cat lodging health requirements.


Feliway Classic

The pheromones that we use are backed by science.

Feliway mimics a feline pheromone (an odorless “happy message”) that cats release when they rub their face on objects around the house. These “happy messages” can only be smelled by other cats and provide a silent message of comfort and security.

Our Pfurster feline lodging area has a plug-in of Feliway and we also use the spray formula on guest linens twice daily to try and maintain a constant environment of “happy messages”.


Vet recommended and the #1 selling solution to help cats adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related behaviors 

  • FELIWAY Classic helps cats adjust to challenging situations, and curbs stress related unwanted behaviors such as spraying, peeing, scratching, and general fearfulness
  • Reduces urine spraying in 9 out of 10 cats
  • FELIWAY Classic is a drug free solution that mimics cat’s natural facial pheromones, which may help your cat feel calmer in stressful situations
  • FELIWAY CLASSIC helps cats adjust to new surrounds, such as a new home, new family member or a new pets

We offer a cat resort you can trust!

It is sometimes difficult to find an overnight cat resort facility that will tend to the need of your cat and give them the attention they deserve.

Staying at our cat boarding Menomonee Falls is ideal and can offer a peaceful haven for your feline friend while away from home; especially if your cat has any medical condition(s) that requires medication or close monitoring. There will be veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians to monitor your cat closely and manage any problems that may arise.

Our feline facilities are fully sanitized between guests and a rigorous cleaning schedule is followed daily. We maintain proper climate-control (temperature and humidity) settings so your cat is comfortable both day and night. There may be an opportunity for your cat to have additional amenities. Please see the add-on amenities below. So that we can best accommodate your cat.  Please make reservations to our cat resort in advance, especially during the holiday season.

Cat Lodging Accommodations and Pricing!

cat boarding Menomonee falls

Cat Condos $27.00 Per Stay

An additional feline guest will be charged $15.00 per night in the same enclosure, depending on size

  • Muli-level
  • Outdoor View
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Fleece bed
  • Separate Litter box area
cat boarding menomonee falls

Deluxe Cat Condos $37.00 per Stay

An additional feline guest will be charged $15.00 per night in the same enclosure, depending on size

  • Multi-level
  • More private for shy cats
  • Extra room to stretch out
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Fleece bed
  • Separate litter box area

Add-On Amenities


Pet and Purr time/Enrichment activity (15min)

$10.00 Per Day

Holiday Meal (seasonal)

$3.99 Per Meal

Healthy Dental Treats

$2.00 Per Treat

Tuna or Chicken Snack

$3.99 Per Snack


TLC Package – $13.00 per Day

Individual Pet and Purr Time (15min)




Healthy Hills T/D Treat
Enrichment Snack


$1.00 Per Medication per administration
Insulin $10.00 per day
Flea Preventative – Cost Varies

Food –   

We serve Hill’s Science diet cat foods.  We recommend that you bring your cat’s own food to help avoid an intestinal upset. 

Please pre-measure and pre-package dry food in individual Ziploc bags, labeling each meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to ensure you have provided enough food for your pet’s stay.  We also suggest packing some “extra” in case you encounter any delays in your return.  In the event your pet needs additional food, we can feed our Hills “house diet.”

  • Type of food (dry/canned) pre-packaged/pre-measured dry food in individual Ziploc bags, labeling each meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) with your pet’s name and your last name.  +/- how much-wet food/other toppings to add to the dry at each meal

  • The amount fed at each meal (example: 1 bag = 1 cup written on Ziploc bag and frequency of feeding (ie: feed 1 bag twice daily)

We provide water and food bowls unless your pet requires a specific type of dish.

Litter –

We use an unscented, clumping cat litter.  We recommend you bring your cat’s own litter if they have had previous litter box issues.

Medications –

We are happy to administer medications to your pet while you are away.  All medications that your pet will need during his/her stay with us need to be brought with you in the original containers.  Be sure to include specific instructions regarding the medication schedule(s).  It is a good idea to include a few days of extra medication(s) in the event your return is delayed.  If your pet needs food to entice them to take their medication, please provide that to us. (See Medication pricing below.)

Bedding –

We provide a fleece bed. You may bring up to two items labeled with your name and your pets name.  We will do everything possible to get it back to you but can make no guarantees.

Rates & Policies —

Our daily rates are based on Per Night Stay.

Check-ins: You can Check-in by appointment after 8:30 am during the week and on Saturdays.

Early Check-out: Check out is between 8:30 am – 10:00 am Monday – Fridays and on Saturdays.

Check-outs before 10 am are considered to be “early check-out” and you will not be charged for that night’s stay. 

Check-out after 10 am, you will be charged that nightly rate.

 NO CHECK-INS on Sundays and Holidays.

We expect payment for the accommodations upon check-in and amenities upon check-out.


Cat Boarding Requirements

 All cat boarders must be current on the following:

  • Annual Physical Exam by a veterinarian (starting at 12-weeks old)

  • Vaccines: Feline Rabies, Distemper Complex

  • Yearly Negative Test for Feline Leukemia/Immunodeficiency Virus Test – for cats that go outdoors.

  • Show proof of a prescribed Veterinary Flea/Tick product. Upon Check-in, if you are not able to produce proof of Flea/Tick Veterinary prescribed product, additional cost for “Revolution product” will occur.
  • A  Fecal Float Test