Pet Boarding is Old School. At Brook-Falls, Lodging in Luxury is Standard!

Menomonee Falls Pet Resort

Pet Boarding Menomonee Falls

Here at Brook-Falls Pet Resort in Menomonee Falls, we care for your pets as if they were our own. Our pet boarding in Menomonee Falls, WI includes a state-of-the-art facility that has been specially designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles/amphibians as well as small mammals.

When you tour the Brook-Falls luxury pet resort, you’ll never look at pet boarding the same way. Pet lodging at our facility will be a special and pleasurable experience for your pet. From luxury lodging and room service to playtime and cuddle time, we’ll make sure your pet will be happy and content while you’re away!


Our Pet Resort Includes On-Site Veterinarians

We closely monitor your pet’s behavior, appetite, and general well-being during their stay.  If there are any health concerns/issues that arise while your pet is a guest, we will consult with one of our on-site veterinarians at the adjacent Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc.  Holly Bennett, our Certified Veterinary Technician will make an appointment with a veterinarian should the need arise.


Pet Hotel Room Service!

For Room service, we offer a high-quality diet that is easy on your pet’s digestive system. However, we do recommend you bring your pet’s food. 

Please let us know about any medications. We are happy to medicate your pet for an additional fee.

pet boarding menomonee falls

Flea-Free Zones

Our Resort and “Spa” are flea-free zones.

For the protection of our guests, all canine and feline patients should receive appropriate veterinary prescribed prevention meds by their veterinarian prior to their stay.  Prior to pet boarding Menomonee Falls, any pets needing preventative meds can be treated by our staff at the hospital.


Medical Boarding

It’s best for our guests that have sutures, casts, bandages or need Elizabethan collars to stay in more appropriate accommodations like a hospital setting.  This will be determined on an individual basis.

We do offer “Medical Boarding” in our hospital under the care of our veterinarians.

Pet Health Assurance


We offer a $2.00 per day Pet Health Care Assurance (PHCA) option available to boarding guests for a daily fee.  PHCA will reimburse up to $300 in eligible veterinary expenses for illnesses or injuries that occur during your pet’s visit. Learn more about Pet Assurance.

Pet Resort Lodging Checklist

Review all mandatory pet health requirements, food and miscellaneous items information.