Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a dog day care?

Doggy Daycare is just like child daycare except it’s for dogs.  The big difference is most dogs are left alone at home when their owner goes to work.  Being alone all day can lead to stress for your dog, excessive barking, disobedient behavior and more.

Now more than ever, research teaches us that doggy daycare is very beneficial for our pets!

And just to be clear, there are different types of doggy daycare.  There’s Group play all-day daycare and there is enrichment based doggy daycare.

Brook-Falls’ Doggy Day Care will be the first and only “Enrichment-Based Doggy Day Care” of its kind in the area!

What is Enrichment Doggy Daycare?

Enrichment doggy daycare improves the physical and psychological health of your pet.

Dogs are meant to live active lives. Dogs aren’t meant to sleep until you get home from work.

There are many studies that have been conducted, especially studies conducted by zoos, which have shown that enriching an animal’s environment improves the psychological and physical well-being of those animals. Best of all, enrichment programs are being encouraged to help your dog live a longer, happier life while improving your bond. 

There are 6 types of Enrichment: Social, Cognitive, Sensory, Physical, Toy Enrichment and Feeding Enrichment which we at Brook-Falls will base our entire doggy daycare program on rather than simply putting dogs in large groups and rotating those groups during their stay.

Can I take a tour?

We are now open! Tours are scheduled during the week at 10 AM or 2 PM to avoid high animal traffic times. If the above times won’t work for your schedule, please call a representative for an alternative schedule time.

I have an old dog, will my old dog be safe at doggy daycare?

You bet! We offer a senior center for older dogs who want to simply lay around on comfy couches while getting tons of hugs and attention. They can even watch doggy tv!  If your older dog is more of a loner, we’ll make sure to give him/her a place where there will be no disturbance.

Why is my dog so dog tired after he/she comes home?

It’s normal for your dog to be tired when he/she comes home from doggy daycare. The dogs have a blast as we keep them stimulated mentally and physically. 

That said, please know that we also give the dogs adequate mandatory rest.


Why do you require that I spay or neuter my dog before allowing them to participate, even if he/she is a nice dog?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of the pack, we require all dogs to be spayed or neutered if he/she is 7 months of age or older to participate in doggy daycare.

Non neutered/spayed dogs do not do very well in a group environment simply because their scent is different than the neutered or spayed dogs.  The intact dogs tend to get picked on by most of the other dogs.  Also, accidents can and do happen.



My dog has some health problems can he/she still participate in Daycare or Boarding?

Depending on the health issue, your dog may or may not qualify for daycare.  We would need to see previous medical records to determine if the health problem(s) in question would disqualify them from daycare.  We will be able to medicate up to three times a day for health issues during boarding.  The resort manager is also a certified veterinary technician and will be able to check with the hospital staff to make appointments if necessary.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

We do not have breed restrictions.

What do you do if a dog gets sick or injured?

The resort manager is also a certified veterinary technician and will be able to check with the hospital staff to make appointments if necessary for a DVM to perform an exam.  Treatment options will then be presented to the owner.  

What is the interview process and temperament evaluation?

A temperament exam will be performed on a potential new play pack member for a few hours during a half-day play drop off evaluation pass.  Your pet is carefully monitored for reactions with certain interactions within the pack to decide if it is in your pet’s best interest to be a playing member.  Not all dogs qualify for daycare.  

What vaccinations do you require for my dog to participate in boarding or daycare?

We require the following:


We require proof of all health requirements within one week prior to making your reservation.

Proof of Flea/Tick Product Required

Proof of Veterinary prescribed flea/tick product is required or additional charges will apply

Are the Dogs Walked outside of the Facility?

The dogs have a controlled outside elimination run area to stretch their legs and eliminate in.

What's the minimum age to participate in Dog Daycare?

Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months of age to participate in doggy daycare AND 12-weeks old stay at our resort. 

Do you charge extra for giving my dog it's medication?

Yes, we do charge for medicating your pet depending on the frequency. We charge $1.00 per medication and per administration.

Do I get a discount if I have more than one dog?

Yes, we offer a discount on our Pet Suites for multiple pets from the same family sharing the same enclosure.

What makes you different from a traditional kennel?

We are a cage-free facility and offer only suites. Plus, our hospital is attached to the facility so if your dog should need medical attention we have easy access to a health care provider. You can view our State-of-the-Art Resort and what makes us different here!

Is there an area for the Dogs to Play?

Absolutely! We offer three outdoor exercise play areas (weather permitting) and three indoor exercise play areas.

How will my dog spend his/her day while at Daycare?

A typical day may include the following:

6:30 am -8 am:  Drop- off- Dogs are set up in their rest suite for the day while awaiting their group to start

8:00 am:  Start of Groups- Group Play – rotate between agility room, water play,  dry outdoor area, inside play area, etc

9 am:  Work on basic manners like sit and wait on the travel between run and activities.

10:15 am:   Daily Brain Game-    Examples- Snuffle mat, hide and seek box, puppy push-ups, target, desensitization games.

Noon- Rest period includes “snack time” for the dogs using Kong toys filled with cheese, peanut butter or marshmallow fluff.  Snacks are an extra charge unless you bring your own.

1 pm:  Group play rotating between areas

2 pm:  Balance/ Obstacle games-    Boost confidence and agility

4 pm -6 pm:  Pick-up time; Bonus time to work on manners