Exercise and your puppy
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All puppies need to exercise. Usually a small amount of encouragement is all they need to be active. Playing ball or running freely with your puppy on grass or going for short walks on a leash are the recommended ways to exercise your new puppy.

Concentrated exercise programs of long walks or running are not recommended for young puppies because this may result in problems with their skeletal development that could lead to the onset of arthritis as your puppy ages.

​Once your puppy has reached the age of one year, you can begin to take him for longer walks. Even then you should begin gradually. Begin with a small increase in his or her regular exercise routine and increase each week until you are walking the desired distance. Jogging is okay if the dog’s bone structure has developed properly. Check with your veterinarian about your pet’s hip development before you jog long distances with him.

Unfortunately, most puppies that have a keen play drive do not know enough to slow down or quit and therefore risk heat stroke during the summer season. Never over-exercise your puppy in extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold. If your puppy begins to slow down or lag behind you, it is usually an indication he is finished and needs to be taken home immediately.