national pet day

Did you know that today, April 11th is National Pet Day?

If you have a furry, feathered, or scaled family member, then you are a special person with an important job.  Pets depend on us for just about everything and, in return, these extraordinary companions show us their love in so many ways. Now it’s your turn to give your pets the appreciation they deserve. Here are a few ideas to get you started – and by the way, you can do these any time of the year, not just on specific pet holidays!

6 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day with Your Pets!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Vet
What better way to show your pets that you care than by keeping them healthy? Every pet needs an annual visit with a professional veterinarian. Make sure they are kept up to date on all of their vaccinations, that there are no hidden health issues, and that your four- or two-legged animal friends live long and happy lives. Call your vet today!

Have a Photo Shoot
You know your pet is the cutest, smartest, silliest, and best in the world. Now let everyone else know. Take pictures! Consider adding a hat, a few toys, or other items to show off their personality. Frame the images and display them with family photos. Post them on Facebook or other sites. As your pet and family grow up together, these photos will mean so much.

Extra Love
Whether it’s extra belly rubs, a few head scratches, snuggles, or a lick of your ice cream cone, only you know the perfect way to show your pets that you love them. Spend the day together and go to the park or watch a good movie (How about Air Bud or Homeward Bound?) and create an even deeper bond with your companion.

Go for a Ride
Spring is coming, so if you have a family pet that enjoys going for rides, back the car out of the garage, roll down the windows to let in the fresh air, and hit the road. You may enjoy getting out of the house and looking at the countryside as much as your pet. Just be careful not to open the windows too wide, and buckle them up in a pet seat belt. Safety comes first.

Donate or Volunteer at a Local Shelter
Helping out at a local shelter or other pet charity is a very meaningful way to celebrate your love for animals. Whether you can volunteer every week or just once a month to walk dogs or clean out cages or donate a few auction items for a fundraiser, animal nonprofits in your area will be most appreciative. Every little bit helps.

Pet Adoption
Even if you already have a pet, there’s always room in your heart for one more. Consider adopting another pet (or your first) from a local shelter or rescue facility. It’s the perfect way to celebrate National Pet Day.

National Pet Day began in 2006 and was founded by family lifestyle and pet expert, Colleen Paige. It is celebrated every year to bring additional awareness regarding all of the animals waiting to be adopted worldwide through rescue operations and shelters. By observing this day with your family and pets, you can help spread the word that many animals need a forever home.

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