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Companion Animal Parasite Council releases annual parasite forecast

Menomonee Falls, WI June 3, 2019

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, Inc. is warning pet owners to keep a close eye on their animals when spending time outside this summer. Because the spring weather has been warmer and more humid than usual around the country, it has created a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. These pesky insects transmit the parasites that cause heartworm, which can be deadly to many pets. In addition, Lyme disease is transmitted by migratory birds and white-tailed deer carrying ticks to areas around the state. This can also be a significant health hazard to family pets. But while these diseases may be life-threatening – they are also preventable!

The Parasite Forecast
Recently, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) released its annual parasite forecast for 2019. The report predicts an increase in the incidence of heartworm and Lyme disease. Specifically, heartworm continues to spread in the southeastern United States at a higher than average rate. Lyme disease will continue to increase in the Atlantic Coast and the Midwest. This increase is due to rescue dogs coming into local Wisconsin shelters and humane societies from the South and Southeast, spreading disease.


Vaccinations and Testing
Pets living in or traveling to Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Appalachian region, or the Atlantic Coast are at the highest risk for Lyme disease and heartworm. Pet owners should talk to their veterinarian about a Lyme vaccination, annual testing for the disease, and protection for their pets year-round by using tick preventatives. Also, to limit their pets’ exposure to mosquitoes, pet owners should take extra care to use safeguards against heartworm year-round and annually test their pets for heartworm disease.

Recommendations from Brook-Falls
After spending time outdoors, be sure to check your pet for ticks. Checking for ticks and insect bites can also be done while bathing and brushing them.

Whether your cat, dog, rabbit, or other family pet lives indoors or out, it is essential to have them regularly seen by a veterinarian. Keeping pets healthy and disease free will offer them a longer and happier life. Get your pets vaccinated and talk to the veterinarian about ways to prevent other diseases.

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality care to all companion pets and exotic animals. As the Menomonee Falls veterinarians, Brook-Falls understands your special relationship with your furry or feathered family member. Your pet’s health is essential to you, and proper medical care is vital to them having an exceptional quality of life.

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