Grain Free diet


We are commonly told that dogs and cats have allergies to the grains in their food, which has kind of created their owners making the choice for a grain-free diet.

It’s actually not very common for dogs and cats to be allergic to grain. Dairy, beef, chicken, and fish are the most common allergens that pets with food allergies suffer from.

And so we don’t like to demonize grains as an ingredient in food. They’re neither good nor bad by themselves, so it’s part of a kind of balanced nutritional subset of things that make up a formulated dog food and cat food.

We like them because they do provide energy sources in addition to the protein, so they’re not fillers as people commonly refer to them.

We are also seeing now that some grain-free diets made with peas and rice can actually be linked to heart failure in some breeds of dogs. We like foods that have been tested rigorously through feeding trials over the course of dogs’ and cats’ lives and they have veterinary nutritionists that are involved in the formulation of these diets.

So brands like Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, and Hills Science Diet are foods that have met the standards of AAFCO, which is the governing body overseeing pet foods. So to make kind of a good choice for the appropriate diet for your pet, definitely consult one of us veterinarians, and we can help you make that decision for your family.

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