Jennifer Bloss:   We get a lot of questions on what foods should I feed my dog or cat and we get a lot of those questions, especially when people bring home new puppies like [Tula 00:00:22] here. One of the main important things is you want to make sure you are feeding puppy food to a puppy, it should say puppy on the label and an adult dog food to an adult dog. Do not feed any of the foods that say for all stages of a pet’s life. Those are basically very enriched puppy foods and you want to avoid those.

So the labeling requirements in the United States for pet foods are very sorely lacking and it can be very difficult to find a food that is really good for your pet.

At Brook-Falls, we have four criteria that we use to help us pick a dog food company and this also goes for cat food as well.

1.  One, do they have a board-certified veterinary nutritionist on staff?

2. Two, does the company do nutrition research for our pets?

3. Three, do they teach at veterinary schools?

4. Four, do they do feeding trials on each and every one of their foods?

So those are the four criteria that we look at looking over all the hundreds of dog food and cat food manufacturers across the country.

The four pet food manufacturers that meet those criteria are Hills, the maker of science diet, Iams or Eukanuba, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro Plan.

If you choose one of the foods from those four companies, you can be assured a wholesome and nutritious food.

Expert Veterinary TV is an informative and educational veterinarian series designed to keep pet owners informed on the latest in pet wellness. The series is hosted by Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care.


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