Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care would like to welcome 4th year extern Emily Evenson! Emily. also known as Emma by her friends and family, is a fourth-year veterinary student attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As a kindergartener, she decided that one day she must become a veterinarian. Growing up in South Dakota, Emma was naturally introduced to a life surrounded by animals and the outdoors. Whether it was on the farms of friends’ helping to bottle feed calves, at the local swimming pool helping to evacuate and re-home salamanders and frogs, or at her home caring for a multitude of stray animals and finding their homes, somehow Emma’s life persistantly involved various animal species. Over the years, her dream of becoming a veterinarian inevitably was placed on intermittent, albeit temporary, pauses as she navigated life involving a solitary interstate move, a military enlistment and subsequent commitments, world travels, and most importantly, becoming a mother.

Throughout her veterinary training, Emma has tailored her education to caring for special/exotic species. She spent a summer in Africa working with wildlife veterinarians and another summer doing research to determine effective analgesia in chinchillas, of which produced two publications. During her fourth year of veterinary school, Emma has completed three, four-week zoological externships at the Milwaukee County Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Emma also spent two weeks at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, to expand her knowledge and perspective of treating special species. Aside from the obvious passion for practicing exotic animal medicine, Emma has developed an incredible liking for performing surgical procedures. At this point in her career, she is considering completing a specialty internship in either special species/zoo medicine, or surgery, subsequently followed by a respective residency program, but first, she must get through this upcoming year. After Graduation, Emma is thoroughly excited to be starting a small animal emergency/rotating internship at Veterinary Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialty Center (VESVSC) in Middleton, WI.

Emma currently shares her home with her perfectly patient husband, three beautiful children, two adorably fluffy chinchillas, and two cats. She has served over 13 years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard with future plans to complete 20 years in service. She has earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Science, a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry at UW-Milwaukee, and finally, she is excitedly awaiting her next and most prized degree…Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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