Giving Back to the Community

Community Involvement

At Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Animal Care, the only thing we’re as passionate about as animal medicine is giving back to our community. We provide many tours to area girl scout and boy scout troops, and speak at many career fairs and schools to students of all age groups about veterinary medicine and animal care. Our veterinarians and care team staff regularly donate time and get involved in community events with the goal of educating the public and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Our hospital also provides reduced cost services to many nonprofits in the area, including Wildlife in NeedWanakia Wildlife Rescue, Aves Wildlife Rescue, Center for Avian Rehabilitation and EducationSeniors RockSchlitz Audubon Center, and several of the local Humane Societies in the area.

We value the community in which we work and we love the people and pets that live there! If you’ve got an event focus on veterinary medicine and animal care or any other pet-related activity that you’d like us to get involved in, we’d love to hear about it!