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Dr. Jennifer Bloss

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Bloss is the co-owner of Brook-Falls and business partner with Dr. Follett. She studied Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before being accepted into the University’s Veterinary School. At that time, the school didn’t have a formal exotics program, so Dr. Bloss spent a month of her senior year at the first exotics-only clinic in the country in Chicago. The experience she had laid the foundation for her mentoring other veterinary students interested in exotic animals.

Jennifer grew up in the Milwaukee area with her mother and two younger sisters. A shy child, she says that pets truly were her best friends! She grew up caring for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and gerbils. In 2007 she purchased Brook-Falls with Dr. Follett, where she practices veterinary medicine on a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

Mentoring veterinary students in exotic medicine is a particular passion of Dr. Bloss’s—she allows students from all over the country to stay in her home while they are externing at the hospital! She also likes getting to know client’s families and watching their pets and their children grow up.  She is past president of the Waukesha Veterinary Medical Association and has published articles in peer reviewed veterinary journals.

Jennifer lives with her wonderful husband Ken who is very supportive of all the critters and veterinary students that rotate through the house. They have two children  who are in college and high school. The family has a houseful of pets; dogs Bozie and Tater Tot, Steve the cat, rabbits Oreo and Bunbun, Pippen the hedgehog, Josie the lizard, and Hermie a white capped pionus parrot.

When time permits, Dr. Bloss enjoys watching her kid’s soccer games and swim meets, traveling, cooking, and motorcycling with her entire family.  She’s also a Sunday school teacher, a Boy Scout Explorer Post Leader, and regular lecturer who loves teaching kids off all ages about the wonderful careers available in veterinary medicine.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Bloss

Dr. Denise Follett

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Follett was born in the Milwaukee area and lived in Texas and Southern California as a child. She was always drawn to science and medicine, but didn’t consider a veterinary career until later in life. One day, on a whim, she pulled into the parking lot a veterinary hospital and asked if she could come in to see what went on behind the scenes. After her first day of shadowing, she was hooked and knew she wanted to become a veterinarian!

Denise first attended Marquette University to study BioMedical engineering. She was accepted to the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and was even offered membership in Phi Zeta, the National Veterinary Honor Society. Now Dr. Follett cares for pets as a full-time Veterinarian and the Owner of Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

As a vet, Dr. Follett particularly likes internal medicine because of the way her engineering background serves it. She also enjoys ophthalmology, the study and treatment of the eyes, and preventative medicine. She’s authored and co-authored several articles published in research journals, as well as a chapter in a textbook. In 2013, Dr. Follett was chosen to be one of only 12 finalists out of 1100 nominees for America’s Favorite Veterinarian! She has also held various positions on the executive boards of local veterinary associations and the Wisconsin State Veterinary Association for the past 20 years.

Denise shares her home with her parents and four cats: Miss Midge, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. When she has time, Dr. Follett enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and sewing. She also likes to visit and care for the elderly and hearing about the lives they have lived.

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Photo of Dr. Denise  Follett

Dr. Nicole Mueller

Associate Veterinarian

Since the 5th grade, Dr. Mueller was drawn to the veterinary field. She considered teaching or even becoming a Park Ranger, but she always came back to veterinary medicine—she felt it was her obligation to determine pets’ medical needs and figure out how to meet them.

Nicole grew up in the Milwaukee area. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her undergraduate education and worked part-time at the veterinary school teaching hospital and campus dairy research barn. She stayed in Madison to receive her veterinary degree, and completed an internship in wildlife and conservation medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts after graduating with her DVM. She then moved back to Milwaukee and now serves pets as an Associate Veterinarian at Brook-Falls!

Dr. Mueller particularly likes the wide variety of species she sees come through the clinic and educating owners on how to best care for exotic pets. Each winter she works at the UP200 Dog Sled Race in upper Michigan, and she loves taking what she’s learned at the clinic and applying it to the canine athletes on the trail.

Nicole and her husband, Chris, have a Golden Retriever named Talia and a Labrador mix named Violet. Talia and Violet enjoy long walks on the beach and their agility classes. When time permits, Dr. Mueller frequently backpacks, hikes, canoes, skis, runs, and bikes in the outdoors with her husband and dogs. Her dogs even have their own backpacks to share the load while on the trail!

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Photo of Dr. Nicole  Mueller

Dr. April Wittenburg

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. April Wittenburg’s mother is a dog groomer, so young Dr. Wittenburg couldn’t help but become an animal lover at an early age. As she got older, her passion for science started to bloom. Veterinary medicine was the perfect combination of Dr. Wittenburg’s adoration for pets and her fascination with science!

Dr. Wittenburg grew up near Milwaukee and has lived in Wisconsin all her life. She attended The University of Wisconsin-Madison to receive her undergraduate degree in zoology and molecular biology, then worked in toxicogenomic and cardiovascular research in the Milwaukee area. During this time, she helped her mother part-time at her dog grooming shop.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Wittenburg to realize that her happiest days were those spent around animals at her mother’s business. She decided to follow her heart and applied for veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin. Four years later, she secured her DVM degree and began practicing animal medicine full-time. After collaborating on exotic pet care with the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital staff for the last several years, she’s thrilled to be a part of the team as an Associate Veterinarian.

Dr. Wittenburg’s professional interests include ophthalmology and exotic medicine. The variety of animals she gets to see every day is a real treat for her! Of course, after years of helping her mother groom dogs, Dr. Wittenburg can never get enough of canine patient visits.

Dr. Wittenburg and her husband Michael met while they were both students at the University of Wisconsin. They share their home with an Australian shepherd/Border collie mix named Beaker. When she isn’t spending time with her family or tending to pets’ needs around the hospital, Dr. Wittenburg enjoys board games and Sudoku puzzles, softball, and visiting museums and zoos.

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Photo of Dr. April  Wittenburg

Dr. Molly Lien

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Molly Lien was constantly exposed to wildlife, a variety of ecosystems, and hands-on animal care during her time growing up in the great outdoors of Michigan. She even volunteered with local nature centers and a wildlife rehabilitation center as a young girl, which only further cemented her desire to help animals in whatever way she could. By the time Dr. Lien had started working in animal clinics and began to realize the true scope and breadth of the veterinary field, she knew that it was the only career choice that made sense!

Dr. Lien attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan to earn her undergraduate degree in biology, working and shadowing in small-animal practice, wildlife medicine, and laboratory medicine during her studies. After graduation in 2007, she headed to Michigan State University to obtain her Doctorate from the school’s College of Veterinary Medicine, simultaneously gaining further real-world experience by doing summer research with Michigan’s Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory and completing internships at local zoos and aquariums.

Dr. Lien graduated with her veterinary degree in the spring of 2011 before beginning her career at a mixed-animal practice in Michigan, where she would remain for the next three-and-a-half years. Next, she completed an internship in wildlife and conservation medicine at the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Sanibel Island, Florida. The experience led her to a realization: her true passion was caring for both small-animal and exotic patients. That’s when Dr. Lien moved to Milwaukee to join the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital family! She also volunteers her time and services to the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center when she’s not helping pets here at the hospital.

Medically, Dr. Lien has a special passion for soft-tissue surgery and also enjoys working on challenging wildlife cases. Most of all, she likes developing lasting relationships with her clients, which allows her to impart her animal-care wisdom to the area’s pet owners.

Outside of work, Dr. Lien stays active by hiking, biking, snowboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, and surfing. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and pets—Dr. Lien shares her home with a black Labrador named Dakota, who is obsessed with playing fetch, and a lovable cat named Renesme.

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Photo of Dr. Molly  Lien

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