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Mike Clark

Business Manager

Mike’s love of animals meshes well with his years of business experience, making him well equipped to keep Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care running smoothly. Mike handily manages the practice’s operations; these include the inventory, payroll, and accounting functions, among others. Mike also maintains a focus on the practice’s future, working closely with the veterinarians/practice owners to move the hospital forward. While Mike often works behind the scenes, he’s always happy to meet a client or scratch a furry patient behind the ears!


 Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Mike was always surrounded by canine family members, especially German shepherds. His family also kept several cats, who likely kept a close eye on the wild animals that periodically visited the family’s backyard.

 Mike came to Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care with lots of business management experience under his belt. He enjoys working in an informal office environment, and appreciates the chance to meet clients and their pets.

 When Mike leaves for the day, he returns to his Oconomowoc home, which he shares with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys spending time with his children, who live within easy driving distance. With hobbies that include bowling and golf, Mike maintains an active lifestyle. In fact, Mike was once recognized for his golfing skills, finishing fourth in the Tennessee State Amateur Golf Tournament.

 Of course, Mike’s two lively dogs also keep him moving. Libby, his sociable beagle, partners with Roxy the rat terrier to keep Mike on his toes. Mike’s backyard also teems with ducks and wild turkeys, and he spots other wildlife from time to time.


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Photo of  Mike  Clark

Jen Valerine

Human Resources Manager, Veterinary Technician

Jen began her career at Brook-Falls as a Veterinary Technician filing in for a co-worker who was on maternity leave. Jen was asked if she wanted to stay on, a prospect she gladly accepted! She now serves as the Human Resources Manager and occasionally still works as a Technician.

Jen grew up in Oak Creek as an only child. Her family always had pets, and Jen developed a passion for educating others so they could enjoy their pets for as long as possible. She worked as a Kennel Assistant while still in high school, moved to emergency work, then to a private practice before coming to Brook-Falls. She particularly enjoys educating clients, surgical work, and dental procedures.

At home, Jen spends her time with her wonderful husband and their two sons, and enjoys taking long walks with them and playing sports. The family has a dog named Hiram and a cat named Tutu.

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Photo of  Jen  Valerine

Vikki Cybela

Veterinary Technician

From the moment she could walk, Vikki was known to go up to just about any animal, stray or not. She ended up working as an assistant as a veterinary clinic when she was in between jobs, and quickly realized that working with animals was her calling. She decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and now works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at Brook-Falls!

Born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin with her two older brothers, Vikki grew up rescuing stray animals and interacting with wildlife in her local marshes, woods, and farmlands. She studied incessantly after she realized she wanted to become a technician, passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2010 to become certified. Her interest in exotic pets led her to Brook-Falls, where she loves the pets, clients, doctors, and staff she works with!

Anesthesia and surgery are Vikki’s main interests within veterinary medicine. She also enjoys animal dentistry and educating clients on the best care for their pets.

Vikki’s family consists of her boyfriend Steve, who also works in the veterinary field and shares her passion for animals, and his 12-year-old son Jacob. They have two cats, Marmalade and Patience. They also have a two-year-old catfish named Cory.

When she has time, Vikki enjoys attending musicals, working out, and outdoor activities like tennis and rollerblading. She enjoys spending hours at parks and nature preserves with Steve and Jacob, observing wildlife, skipping stones, and generally goofing around!

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Holly Bennett

Veterinary Technician

As a kid, Holly knew her pets always had her back. If she had a bad day at school, felt like crying, or didn’t want to talk to her parents, she could spend time with her dogs. They were always there for her no matter what, and she soon realized she wanted to give back that affection for a career! Now she has served pets and their families as a Certified Veterinary Technician for over a decade.

Holly grew up in West Allis. During high school, she volunteered at a cat clinic and spent a lot of time at her uncle’s farm. She attended Madison Area Technical College’s Veterinary Technician program to become certified and has worked with Drs. Follett and Bloss for 10 years.

Holly lives with her husband Rory, the love of her life. They have a son named Blake and two daughters named Chloe and Alaina. The family has two dogs, Gauge and Bell, and two cats, Emmy and Oscar. When she has time between work and her family, Holly likes to get away by riding her Buell Blast motorcycle!

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Photo of  Holly  Bennett

Jennie Gross

Veterinary Technician

Growing up in West Allis with her family, Jennie Gross was always around pets.  She remembers loving tagging along with her parents to the vet’s office.  She was even put in charge of the class turtle in 6th grade!

Jennie’s veterinary career started when she worked at a pet store.  When she learned of the Veterinary Technician program at Madison Area Technical College, she knew it would be right up her alley.  She graduated in May of 2001 and passed her state board exam in June of 2001.  She has been caring for pets as a Veterinary Technician at Brook-Falls since it opened in 2007.  In addition to her medical duties, Jennie is responsible for ordering medications and supplies for the clinic.

Client education is one of Jennie’s favorite parts of her job—she loves to spread the knowledge that she learned in school and through continuing education.  She also enjoys doing lab work and radiology.

Jennie has been married to her husband Dave since August 2000.  They have two daughters, Alexis and Nadia.  The family lives on a 7 acre hobby farm with their two cats (Jack & Chester), 2 dogs (Rufus and “One-Eyed” Willie), a goat (Jerry) and a Guinea Pig.  Jennie currently spends a good deal of her free time going on trips and playing sand volleyball with her family and friends.  Their team took first place in their division this summer!

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Sara Ketterling

Veterinary Technician

Back in grade school, Sara was always the one volunteering to watch after the class pets. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a longing to be involved in animal care! Now she gets to live her dream of working hands-on with pets as a Veterinary Technician here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care.

Sara attended Mankato State University in Minnesota before moving to Milwaukee and enrolling in Milwaukee Career College’s Veterinary Technician program. During school, she gained experience at local shelters and farms, and also completed two externships at local animal clinics. She graduated from the program in 2015 and will soon become a licensed Veterinary Technician!

One of Sara’s favorite parts of her work is examining slides under the microscope. For her, the search for invading parasites or bacteria is quite fun! Sara also enjoys preparing pets for surgery. Most of all, she loves sharing her knowledge with pet owners to better the lives of animals.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys getting out in nature, crafting, and making toys for her two playful sugar gliders, Louie and Ella. Sara also keeps two cats: Boots, a black and white tuxedo cat who Sara picked up at a farm, and Hank, an orange and white cat who was rescued from a Milwaukee shelter.

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Alyssa Anderson

Veterinary Technician

Alyssa was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and moved to Wisconsin as a baby with her family.  As a kid she would play make-believe with her stuffed animals, pretending to care for them as a vet and making zoos with them.  Little did she know that years later she would work in a real animal clinic as a Veterinary Assistant!

As a teenager Alyssa volunteered at the Washington County Humane Society, where she walked dogs, cared for kittens, and gained a lot of valuable experience.  She also volunteered at a Therapeutic Equestrian Center where she gained experience working with both horses and children.  After interning at several animal clinics for the college Veterinary Technician program she attended, she started working at Brook-Falls in 2013.

Alyssa especially likes looking at blood smears and learning about the care of exotics and birds—every exotic animal is fascinating and challenging in their own way!

At home, Alyssa has a Bichon/Poodle mix named Cosmos.  In her spare time, Alyssa likes competitive horse riding—her greatest accomplishment was placing reserve champion at a show several years ago. She also plays the piano and composes music, and has recently started teaching herself the violin and classical guitar.  Watercolor painting is another hobby of hers and two of her pictures received 2nd and 3rd place this year at the Washington County Fair!

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Andrea Wilcox

Veterinary Technician

Andrea was constantly surrounded by pets while growing up in her family’s Beaver Dam, Wisconsin home. Her parents tell her that her first word was “puppy!” It wasn’t hard for Andrea to develop a passion for pets early on. Coupled with her adoration of medicine and biology, veterinary medicine became the natural choice!

Andrea worked in a pet boarding facility during her high school years before heading off to college, where she studied human medicine for a brief time before starting Veterinary Technician school the next year. She worked in a grooming shop during her studies, gaining even more hands-on experience, before graduating and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Now, she’s proud to help the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital team!

Here at the clinic, Andrea is especially fond of learning about anatomy, physiology, and disease processes. She’s also passionate about animal behavior. Most of all, Andrea enjoys being able to educate the area’s pet parents and ultimately make a lasting impact in the families of the community.

Andrea and her husband have a wonderful young son, Sam, and also share their lives with a Husky/Shar-Pei mix named Luna and two cats who go by Jack and Capri. When time allows between work and family life, Andrea enjoys staying active by swimming and hiking the area’s trails with Luna. She also likes running, and has even completed a few sprint-distance triathlons alongside her sister!

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Stephanie Post

Veterinary Technician

Stephanie grew up near Appleton, Wisconsin, where she loved to spend time outdoors playing with insects and other wild critters she came across. In the house, she kept everything from dogs and gerbils to fish, chameleons, and birds. Stephanie has adored animals ever since she was young—for her, another career path simply wasn’t an option!  

Stephanie began her animal-care journey by working in boarding facilities, then started helping horses at a local stable for many years. She attended school in Duluth, Minnesota to study veterinary technology, then returned to her home state to be closer to family and launch her career in the world of animal care. Now, Stephanie serves the area’s pets as a Veterinary Technician with the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital family—she’s particularly fond of laboratory work, wound repair, and dental care.
Away from the hospital, Stephanie is an avid horseback rider and has been riding since she was only 16 years old. She also likes gardening and hiking in the great outdoors. Stephanie and her husband, Billy, live with one pet of their own: a goofy mutt named Argos whose favorite pastimes include rolling in the grass, chasing squirrels and chipmunks, and working on his beloved puzzle treats.
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Molly Mertens

Veterinary Assistant

Molly was born and raised right here in Menomonee Falls, where her grandmother’s intrinsic connection with nature and wildlife had a profound effect on her. As a child, Molly couldn’t be contained in the house—she would always be outdoors, chasing butterflies and searching for lost or injured animals. Molly’s passion for animals, wildlife, and caregiving never wavered; now, she’s a Veterinary Assistant here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital!

Molly was still in high school when she began volunteering at her local Humane Society and a nearby pet resort. After working in several more animal care positions around town, she found her way to the Wildlife in Need Center (WINC) while finishing up her biology degree at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. The connections she formed at WINC, as well as her newfound passion for exotic medicine and wildlife rehabilitation, led her to Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital!

As an Assistant, Molly particularly enjoys radiology work and helping out during avian appointments. Most of all, she likes learning more about animal medicine every day alongside her caring, compassionate coworkers.

At home, Molly and her husband, Zach, live with two pets: Pluto, a beagle who loves a good towel rubdown after he’s been outside in the rain, and a bearded dragon named Mushu who was adopted from an exotic pet rescue operated by a friend of Molly’s. When she isn’t spending time with her beloved critters or caring for pets here at the hospital, Molly enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking, going birding with her high-end camera, and giving her time to animal rescue efforts. She still volunteers with WINC, and even fosters Eastern Cottontail rabbits in her home!

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Kelsey Prestby

Veterinary Assistant

Kelsey has always had a strong passion for sciences and the environment, and has adored animals ever since she can remember. For her, a career in the veterinary world allows her to combine all of her interests in one fulfilling and exciting career! Kelsey is a Veterinary Assistant here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

Kelsey grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with her parents, two siblings, and plenty of family pets. Her veterinary journey began at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned her degree in wildlife ecology while working at the large-animal veterinary hospital on campus. After graduation, she spent time in South Africa to work with wildlife researchers and veterinarians before returning stateside and heading to Los Angeles, where she worked for a wildlife rescue organization. Kelsey then returned to her home state to work at the Wisconsin Humane Society before joining the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital family as a Veterinary Assistant.

Around the clinic, Kelsey enjoys performing blood draws, clipping cats’ nails, and cleaning out dirty ears. Most of all, she likes being able to make an impact in the lives of pets while working alongside a team of compassionate, caring animal-lovers just like herself!

In her time away from the hospital, Kelsey enjoys exercising in the great outdoors, baking her famous cookie cakes, and traveling whenever she gets the chance. She lives with four cats and an adorable dog named Dublin, who was adopted during Kelsey’s stint at the Humane Society.

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Meredith Spence

Veterinary Assistant

Meredith’s grandparents took her to the local Humane Society on Meredith’s eighth birthday so that she could pick out her very first cat. The instant she walked through the doors, Meredith wanted to take every single animal there home with her. Right away, she knew that she wanted to help pets in whatever way she could! Now, Meredith is able to do just that as a Veterinary Assistant here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

A Wisconsin native, Meredith began her veterinary journey at a clinic in Waukesha before joining the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital team. She’s particularly fond of performing nail trims, blood draws, and dental cleanings. Most of all, Meredith loves to help animals and pet parents alike by imparting her veterinary knowledge to others.

Meredith spends a lot of time outdoors when she’s not at work—she especially enjoys fishing on the lake and heading to the park with her boyfriend Alex, his son, and their dog. Meredith and Alex share their lives with a beautiful German shepherd mix named Freya, as well as Meredith’s 27-pound cat, Adam.

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Sarah Poliak

Veterinary Assistant

Sarah grew up in Bay View, Wisconsin, but spent many childhood summers at her family’s lake house in East Troy. There, she developed a deep-seated passion for nature and animals that persists to this day. For Sarah, a career in the world of veterinary medicine simply makes sense!

After working in customer service for a number of years, Sarah decided to make a change and pursue what she was truly passionate about: animal care. She secured a kennel position, then quickly moved into a Veterinary Assistant role. She’s been working as an Assistant ever since! Now, Sarah is a proud member of the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital family and has developed particular interests in radiology, wound cleaning, and surgery work.

At home, Sarah has two loveable dogs of her own: Koda is a Red Fox Labrador who has never passed up a good sunbathing spot; Bailey the yellow Lab enjoys swimming in any lake, pond, or puddle she comes across.
When she’s not at work, Sarah can be found swimming and hiking with her dogs in the great outdoors. She also enjoys traveling with her family whenever she gets the chance.

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Rosemary Traylor

Veterinary Assistant

Rosemary grew up backpacking and rock climbing with her father, which inspired her passion for nature. Her mother is responsible for her love of animals, though—she worked as a general-practice veterinarian herself! Rosemary started helping out in her mother’s clinic when she was only 10 years old, and has wanted to become a veterinary professional ever since she can remember. Now, she gets to help pets daily as one of Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

Rosemary is originally from Seattle, Washington, and has been shadowing veterinarians in a variety of specialties since she was 13 years old. She earned her undergraduate degree in biology and anthropology from Lawrence University in Wisconsin before beginning her career as a Veterinary Assistant. Rosemary has also worked as a horse and mule trainer, a therapeutic riding volunteer, and an emergency hospital kennel assistant; she even spent time living in Madagascar to study and work with lemurs, which helped spark her interest in wildlife and exotic medicine.

Around the clinic, Rosemary enjoys critical care because of the quick thinking it requires. She’s also fond of connecting with clients on a personal basis—getting to witness a unique connection between pet and owner is the ultimate reward for her!

At home, Rosemary and her boyfriend live with two pets of their own. Annie is an Australian shepherd with endless energy, and Brie the Greater Swiss Mountain dog will do just about anything for food. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital or enjoying the company of her own animals at home, Rosemary likes backpacking, hiking, training for triathlons, traveling, and scuba diving. She’s even obtained her advanced open-water certification!

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Jess Anderson

Veterinary Assistant

Jess grew up in Milwaukee, where her childhood cat, Pepper, was her best friend in the world. For her, it was easy to see the true impact that a pet could have on a family! Being able to foster those bonds as a veterinary professional is a dream come true for Jess—she’s a Veterinary Assistant with the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital family.

Jess was only 16 years old when she started working in a local veterinary clinic. (It was there that she first met Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital’s very own Jen Valerine!) After a foray into the world of cosmetology, Jess decided to return to her true passion: animal care. Now, she’s thrilled to help the area’s pets and animal parents as a member of the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital team. Jess has a particular interest in behavioral counseling, and loves to make lasting and meaningful impacts in the lives of local families.

Jess and her husband, Jeff, share their home with their wonderful son, Jude, and a pair of loveable cats: Monkey is vocal and sensitive, while George enjoys playing fetch like a dog and eating anything he can get his paws on.

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Jennifer Lesniewski

Client Service Representative

Jennifer grew up in New Holstein, Wisconsin, with her parents and three siblings. Although her family never had pets when she was growing up, Jennifer has absolutely fallen in love with the animals she cares for and loves the challenge each patient represents! She serves as a Client Service Representative at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

Jennifer has two music education degrees, one in instrumental music and the other in general music. She taught music for four years throughout southern Wisconsin and hopes to find her way back into music one day. One of Jennifer’s good friends, a Technician at Brook-Falls, suggested she apply for an open position there. Jennifer did, and the rest is history! She loves working with the phenomenal group of people at the hospital.

Jennifer spends a lot of time with her boyfriend Aaron, who works as a jet mechanic for a company at a Milwaukee airport, and his dog Chase, a pure-bred black lab who will never give up on a game of catch!

In her spare time, Jennifer continues playing instruments—mainly flute and piano, but she teaches lessons for all instruments when she’s able to. She also enjoys crocheting and sewing, in fact, many of the scrub tops she wears at the clinic are made by her own hand! Reading, swimming, and hiking are her other hobbies.

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Courtney Neitzel

Client Service Representative

Courtney grew up on a dairy farm in Colgate, Wisconsin, where she was surrounded by cows, pigs, horses, cats, dogs, sheep, and more from an early age. By the time she was showing purebred Holsteins nationwide with the 4-H club, one thing was clear: Courtney was destined for a career in the animal care world!

Courtney attended the University of Wisconsin in River Falls to study veterinary medicine before transferring to Madison Area Technical College. Here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, she’s thrilled to help enrich the lives of Menomonee Falls’ pet owners and animal companions. She particularly enjoys witnessing the incredible bond between people and pets, and is also fond of the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine.

At home, Courtney has three pets of her own. Max is an 85-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback who Courtney adopted from a shelter in Tennessee, and Bambino and Tilten are attention-loving cats who are the ultimate cuddle buddies. When she isn’t spending time with her own pets or tending to the needs of animals and their owners here at the hospital, Courtney is an avid gardener and also enjoys camping, fishing, and snowmobiling in the great outdoors.

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Kaela Manegold

Client Service Representative

Kaela grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin. When she found out her local veterinary clinic was hiring, she knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get her foot in the door in a profession she found interesting and rewarding. Now she serves as a Client Service Representative at Brook-Falls!

Kaela enjoys the fast-paced environment of the clinic. She especially likes meeting all the new customers and getting to know their pets.

At home, Kaela lives with her wonderful husband and son. Their dog Lando is a huge part of the family and keeps them smiling all the time. In her spare time, Kaela loves to cook and shop. She also finds working in her gardens very relaxing.

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Rebecca Seese

Client Service Representative

Although she had always been interested in the field of animal care, Rebecca found herself working in food service and restaurant management for most of her adult life. After some time, she realized she wasn’t truly fulfilled—she knew that she was happiest when finding time to volunteer with animals! Rebecca decided to make a change and jump into veterinary medicine head-first.

Originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, Rebecca started applying at veterinary hospitals after leaving her job as an assistant restaurant manager. She was thrilled to hear back from Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, and now serves the area’s families as a Client Service Representative. Rebecca’s favorite parts of the job are learning something new on a daily basis, getting to know all of the hospital’s clients and patients on a personal level, and never knowing exactly what the next day might bring.

At home, Rebecca and her husband, Tom, live with several pets of their own. They have a pit bull terrier mix named Millie; a young blue-nosed pit bull who goes by Izzy; an elderly but social cat named Smokey; and an entire coop’s worth of chickens. When she isn’t spending time with her family and pets, Rebecca can be found camping and hiking in the Black Hills or scuba diving on her travels throughout the Caribbean region. She’s been an advanced open-water certified diver for a year, and has already completed 45 dives throughout the Bahamas, Mexico, and the West Indies!

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Nicole Rendon

Client Service Representative

Before becoming a veterinary professional, Nicole worked in a variety of customer-service jobs; she was a waitress, a store manager, and even an insurance saleswomen. She found herself coming home every day and using the company of her dog and reptile pets as a stress reliever—it didn’t take long for Nicole to realize that her heart wasn’t in sales, but with animals!

Nicole serves as a Client Service Representative here at the hospital, and loves the fast-paced clinic environment and the consistent learning opportunities her work provides. Most of all, she likes being able to witness first-hand the incredible bonds that clients have with their pets; Nicole can’t help but be reminded of the bonds she shares with her own animal companions at home.

In her time away from work, Nicole enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes, playing the piano, and spending time with her pets. She and her boyfriend, Tyler, share their home with a Husky/Shiba Inu mix named Ahri as well as four bearded dragons: Crixys, Khaleesi, Naeria, and Aurelia.

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