Doggy Paw Care Tips

Does your canine buddy make clicking noises when he walks across the kitchen floor? If so, Fido may need his nails trimmed. Keeping your pup’s claws clipped is very important, but it’s also just one aspect of good doggy paw care. Those adorable paws are actually crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. After all, your pooch needs his paws to run up to greet you at the door, or chase after his favorite toys. Read on as a local Brookfield, WI vet offers tips on caring for Fido’s furry feet.


Long nails can be very uncomfortable for Man’s Best Friend! For one thing, Fido can easily get his claws snagged on carpeting or other materials, which can lead to painful tears and even infections. Walking on overgrown claws can also be uncomfortable for our canine pals. Your pet may change his gait to compensate, which can put a lot of stress on his bones and joints. If you’re uneasy about cutting your furry buddy’s nails yourself, consider investing in clippers that have sensors on them. These will indicate exactly where you need to cut. Of course, you can also call us to schedule a quick pawdicure for your pup.

Harsh Surfaces

Fido’s paw pads are very sensitive! In winter, your cute pet can get painful abrasions from walking on snow, salt, ice, or sand. Chemical de-icing agents can also do a number on your furry pal’s feet, so be sure to choose pet-friendly de-icing products. In summer, dogs can get burns or blisters by walking or running on hot or harsh surfaces, like sand, tar, and/or gravel. Your pup’s feet will be extra sensitive after he’s been swimming, so if your pooch likes the water, take extra care with him when he gets out of the water.

Paws For Thought

Get into the habit of checking Fido’s furry feet regularly. You’ll want to look for cuts, scrapes, swelling, and other signs of injury. Keep an eye out for ticks as well: these disgusting little monsters like to latch onto dogs’ toes. If you see anything unusual, or if your furry friend starts limping, contact your vet right away. Paw injuries are definitely something to take seriously!

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your local Brookfield, WI animal hospital, we’re here to help!

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